How To Survive Without Your Phone

A One Week Survival Schedule On Staying Phone-Less, For Phone Addicts

It turns out a week without your phone isn't that bad.

This summer I have had the liberating opportunity to embark on a challenge. In this challenge, I was without my phone for a week. Yes, it was hard in the beginning, but it eventually got easier. I challenge all readers to try it out and see how far they get.To help you out, here are some goals that you should try to do every day. Outside of these daily challenges, it is up to you to experiment with your own schedule. Here's a compiled list of things you can do for a week that will break your phone addiction.

Day One: Set Up For The Week


Get all your chores and things that you have been meaning to do for a long time out of the way. This way, as the week progresses, you will have more time to enjoy the challenge. If you have to organize your closet, your drawers or maybe even help around the house, go for it! It'll make you feel as if you've done something worthwhile with your time.

Day Two: Connect With Your Culture


If you have to learn your parents mother-tongue, give it a shot. You can dress up in cultural clothes or even watch a movie from back home. The idea is that while you're learning about your own culture, you are also kind of reconnecting with your family and your roots. You will have a better idea of where your parents came from and where you yourself essentially come from.

Day Three: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Try making a new friend, complimenting someone or just making eye contact. Do something that would usually make you feel uncomfortable and see how you adjust. Nothing is holding you back except your fear. Build up your confidence and try something new.

Day Four: Connect with Nature


Not the Outdoor-sy type? No problem. Take your family or a group of friends and go hiking, watch the sunset or try out gardening. It's a humbling experience and it'll allow you to realize how much you missed by just staring at your phone screen.

Day Five: Experiment with Food


Personally, I suck at cooking. But use this time to plan a family dinner or a traditional recipe. Treat everyone else, or in my case at least try to treat everyone else.

Day Six: Find A Hobby


Into arts and crafts? Maybe even pick up a good book series to start reading. Dedicate this day to find what you're good at. Try a bunch of things that interest you and see which one you love the most.

Day Seven: Treat Yourself


It's been a long week and you've accomplished a lot. Go get a manicure, a facial, a haircut or maybe even a massage. Take a friend with you and dedicate the day to you. Go eat out and enjoy. Hopefully, you'll find yourself less reliant on your phone.

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