What I Believe Defines A Good Cop
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What I Believe Defines A Good Cop

Law enforcement could and should be the first line of defense against oppression.

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If there is any truth in law, it is that legality does not inherently equal morality. History is filled with oppression which can only be carried out by those who are "just doing their job" or "just following orders" by enforcing unjust laws. This has been true of the runaway slave patrol, the centurions who killed Jesus, Nazi soldiers slaughtering Jews, the list goes on. Today, in my opinion, a good cop is someone who thinks freely and does right regardless of what they are told to do. These cops exist, seem to be multiplying, and have nothing but my utmost respect.

My interaction with a k9 officer

In a conversation that I had recently with a k9 officer whom I met on Instagram, he said something that caught me off guard. He stated, "I worked undercover for four years and only caused death and pain for a plant. It's ridiculous…...took me a long time to learn freedoms are being taken away daily and (i) don't (want to) be a part of it." When I read this officer's words, something clicked; this is what defines a good cop. Although his life depends on the men around him, men who think differently, he has allowed himself to come to a logical, freedom-loving conclusion. While he did not admit to it, I assume he often acts upon his understanding by breaking orders and refusing to enforce these illogical laws by not arresting some individuals.

Sheriffs refusing to enforce gun control

Some sheriffs have honorably chosen to refuse to enforce unconstitutional, tyrannical gun control, including Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer of Washington state. This shows the potential of a nation where law enforcement stands up for our rights and rejects the age-old excuse of "just doing their jobs."

Is "serving and protecting" the only function of law enforcement?

"To Serve and Protect" is generally the slogan among law enforcement, but it seems that this is simply rhetoric that covers up infringements upon natural rights. An officer's job should be purely to ensure that one individual does not infringe upon another. Enforcement of the drug war, gun control, and other victim-less crimes is not related or intertwined with serving in protecting; in fact, they are mutually exclusive. Throwing a nonviolent individual in a cage who has not infringed upon another in order to enforce the arbitrary rules of power-hungry politicians is indeed the opposite of serving and protecting.

When an officer finds something inherently unjust but justifies carrying it out by saying that they are "just doing their job" they are in essence saying that it's alright because they're doing it for money. Don't just point to politicians, stating that it's their fault for making the laws; politicians aren't the ones taking your freedom at gunpoint, law enforcement is. Without law enforcement blindly enforcing unjust laws, tyranny would be little more than politicians talking to themselves.

The Public's perception of law enforcement will improve if we gain more freedom loving good cops.

It is quite evident to me that the first line of defense in regard to our rights is free thought among law enforcement. Good cops are those who do what is right regardless of what a politician orders them to do. The k9 officer who I spoke to stated that his colleagues "are learning" the violations of freedom in the drug war. As gun control spreads, a similar sentiment is spreading among sheriffs and officers. If this trend continues, public perception of law enforcement will undoubtedly grow as well.

It is my understanding that day by day, as understanding grows, our nation is gaining more truly good cops.

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