What Color Guard Has Taught Me

1. Failure is inevitable.

If color guard was easy, we would see more people involved. For the select few who are involved, you wish you could show people how cool it is.

2. Smiling can change your mood drastically.

Having a rough practice? A smile can make any day of band camp seem a thousand times better.

3. Speaking of smiling... always smile while performing!

The judges see everthing! (And so do the captains... so smile!)

4. Your instructors do know best.

Don't doubt them!

5. Practice makes perfect.

Seriously! Don't stress out if you don't understand a move immediately--you'll get eventually.

6. Yes, guard is an incredibly important part of a marching band show.

Nothing is more frustrating than people saying that bands don't need a color guard or that we don't count as important; we know how to march, keep time, memorize music. Come on! A band show without a guard? That'd be boring!

7. Have only 10 minutes to apply 50+ pounds of makeup? No problem!

8. You are going to be so damn sore.

This might be an understatement.

9. Wind? Tosses? You got it.

10. You create friendships that last forever.

What happens in guard, stays in guard--and your heart.

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