What Being An Older Sibling Has Taught Me

When I was younger one of the things that I really wanted to be in life was a big sister. Seeing all of my friends around me with many siblings always made me wonder what life would be like if there was another kid in the house. It wasn’t until I was about 8 years old that my wish was fulfilled and my mom was having a baby. Not going to lie, initially I wanted my mom to have a girl because the thought of having someone to play house and dress up with seemed like it would be so much fun. But after many months and finding out that she was having a boy I was just excited to not be the only child anymore.

Maybe having a boy in the family meant that I would no longer have to be dragged to football and basketball games, and I would no longer have to get down and dirty outside playing catch and doing things out of my element being as though I was a “girly-girl”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being and playing outside for my own pleasure but it seemed as if my dad dragged me along to fill the void that having a son would give him. So I guess in the end it was a win-win situation. I was no longer the only child in the house, and my dad would have a son that he would do father-son things with. It has been a pleasure having my younger brother Ryan around. The joke in the family is that our lives wouldn’t be as interesting without him since he is indeed the life of the party. Even though we are almost a decade apart, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Having a younger sibling has taught me the following things:

  • 1. Patience:

I have high expectations for myself and for anyone who enters my life. Being as though he is only 9 years old I have to be extremely patient with him at all times especially when things do not go like I have planned. I have to be particularly patient when it comes to his behavior. I had to learn to be patient when he is misbehaving. I always get annoyed and scold him for not listening, but my parents response is that he is only acting out because he is a boy and that’s what they do best-not listen and behave!
  • 2. Fairness:

This is something that my parents have always stressed. If I get something my brother also has to get something. It even gets to the point where my mom will buy me shoes, and my brother the same exact pair! Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? But over the years it is something that I have learned. Now if I buy myself something I immediately think of buying something for my brother.
  • 4. To Sacrifice :

  • When I was the only child, I would ask for something and I would get it. When my brother was added to the picture there were things that I would ask for, but would not get because it wasn't a necessity and it was just a want. I was no longer the spoiled only child that always got her way. I had to eventually learn to only want things that are beneficial and necessary. I am glad he came along because I am glad I am not that spoiled kid anymore.
    • 5. To Ignore :

    It seems as if he is always trying to show me something. My brother Ryan is the type of kid that will keep talking or showing you something until you give him a verbal answer. A simple head nod will not cut it for him. If you do not answer him the first time he only gets louder and louder, so I eventually became good at ignoring him at times and tuning him out when necessary.

    Thank you little brother for teaching me these life lessons!

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