What Are the Exercises and Remedies to Reduce Cellulite?

What Are the Exercises and Remedies to Reduce Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition which consists of dimpled, lumpy appearance on buttocks and thighs.


With its popularity, cellulite has different remedies, ranging from mechanical treatments to dietary adjustments, and exercises.

Some easy home remedies for cellulite include:

Dry Brushing: Since cellulite is caused by poor blood circulation, dry brushing can help increase the circulation of blood in the affected areas.

Massage: Massage also works by increasing blood flow in certain areas of your body.

Good Sleep: Good sleep helps keep stress hormone levels in check hence avoiding the formation of cellulite.

Taking supplements: dietary supplements such as collagen can be very beneficial to your skin. The health benefits of collagen have been proven by many scientific studies. If you want to know which type and brand of collagen to choose, this review article can be helpful.

Here Are Other Treatments For Cellulite:

#1. Light, Radiofrequency or Laser Therapy

Therapy devices that combine light with massage or suction have been approved by the US. Food and Drug Administration as temporary medical remedies for the reduction of cellulite. To retain the improved appearance, both treatments need multiple sessions.

A tiny laser probe can also be placed under the skin to aid the reduction of cellulite. Also, a combination of radiofrequency and infrared light or massage can be used. Studies have shown the efficacy or using radiofrequency as temporary treatment for cellulite.

#2. Subcision

With this procedure, a device called Cellfina is used to insert a needle underneath the skin in order to break up bands of connective tissues. According to a study done to determine the efficacy and safety of the treatment, a successful submission procedure can last up to 3 years.

#3. Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

It works through the transmission of acoustic waves which are simply shockwaves, sound or pressure on the cellulite. It requires several treatment sessions and can be an efficient method to reduce body circumference as well as cellulite.

#4. Massage treatment

A known French technique used as a massage treatment for cellulite is the Endermologie, which works by suctioning, pulling and squeezing the cellulite-affected parts. It requires from 10 to 12 treatment sessions, with each session lasting for about 30 to 45 minutes. Several studies conducted have shown that massage treatment is effective in the treatment of cellulite.

#5. Laser-assisted Liposuction

The procedure works by removing little amounts of fat from underneath the skin by including laser treatment to the usual liposuction procedure. However, the treatment may worsen and therefore, it is not highly recommended.

#6. Vacuum-assisted Precise Tissue Release

According to a study, a single vacuum-assisted precise tissue release treatment was done on each of the 55 women who had moderate to severe cellulite. The results projected subject satisfaction that increased from 85% after 3 months to 94% at 1 year. This study established the efficacy, subject satisfaction, and safety of the treatment.

#7. Carboxytherapy

It involves the injection of carbon dioxide gas underneath the skin and you will see the result after receiving up to eight sessions of carboxytherapy.

Types of Exercises to reduce cellulite

According to the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp founder, Ariane Hundt, the main tips for reducing cellulite include a low-carb diet, fat-loss, proper blood circulation and tightening the muscles underneath the skin. The following are top exercises to help reduce cellulite;

Pistol Squat: With feet hip-distance apart, stretch one leg to the front then sit back into a squat. Ensure to support your body weight with the heel then stand back up slowly and repeat for several reps before changing sides.

Plié Squat: With the feet, a bit wider than shoulder distance apart and toes turned around, bend knees and lower torso with a straight back, tight abs, and a tucked tailbone. Squeeze your glutes then stand.

Elevated Lunge: Stand a few feet in front of a step then reach one foot back with the heels lifted and toes on the bench. Bend the other knee toward the floor such that both knees are 90 degrees bend then squeeze your glute pressing yourself back to the beginning position.

Side Lunge: While standing with the feet slightly wider than shoulder distance and toes pointed forward, bend one knee to a 90-degree angle as you shift your bodyweight to that leg. Leave the other leg straight and the glutes pressing backward. Return to the center then switches sides.

Straight-Leg Deadlift: While standing with feet hip-width apart, hold single weighs in each hand with palms facing the back. Hinge at hips to lower the torso to align it almost parallel to the floor with the legs straight. Return to the start position then repeat 15 reps.

Single Leg Hamstring Bridge: Lying back with bend knees hip-distance apart and feet flat stacked under the knee, stretch one leg towards the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes then lift your hips off the mat. Repeat for a few reps then changes to the other side.

Boot Strappers: Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, then with the knees slightly bend, bend at the waist to touch the toes. Lower your butt until it almost touches the floor by bending the knees slightly with the heels lifted. Keep your hands on your toes then rise back up to the start position.

Takeaway: cellulite symptoms can be improved with proper diet, exercise, and treatments. A combination of the suggestions above can help.

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The Important Role of DNA Testing

There is a case that two persons need a clear explanation of whether they are biologically related or not


One way to know the answer is by using a DNA testing. The DNA testing is considered as an accurate way to show whether two persons are related to each other such as whether they are a mother and son or in the same family member genetically. You may go to a specific service such as Lextox to do this test. Before that, let's talk a little bit about DNA testing and its uses.

About DNA Testing

The DNA testing is a test to show that someone is related to someone else biologically or genetically. The test is a laboratory test in which an expert takes a specific sample from both clients. The samples can be taken from their hair, blood, or oral sample. For example, the specialist is using cotton swabs to brush the donor's cheek. The sampling process is painless and it doesn't need any complicated procedure. Later, the specialist continues the process by comparing the DNA in cells taken from the sample to show whether both of the clients are related to or having a family relationship or not. This is also a specific service such Lextoxdoes to their clients. Commonly, you will get the result within 5 working days or even less.

The Uses of DNA Testing

There are several benefits you can get by taking DNA testing. Indeed, the main benefit is to know the relationship between two or more people and get a clear answer whether they are a family or not. The uses are classified based on the type of the DNA testing taken.

The DNA testing is able to use to know the father of a child. In this case, the parent and child have to take a DNA paternity testing in which the specialist takes the child's DNA and his or her mother and alleged father. The sample will be compared each other to show whether the child has a family relationship with the alleged father biologically. This DNA test can be used for family law matters such as childcare proceeding, adoption, and immigration. You can also use DNA testing to know the mother of the child and the child and the alleged mother have to take maternity DNA testing. Even, it is also possible to test by the time the childbirth. The test is known as a prenatal DNA test where it is used to know the father of the baby.

The DNA testing is also used to show whether two babies or kids are full siblings or half siblings. Even, this test can be used to check the relationship between a grandchild with his or her grandparent or a niece or nephew with his or her aunt or uncle.

The most important thing you need to consider before taking a DNA testing is that you have to make sure that you are using a trusted service. A specific trusted DNA testing service such as Lextox will have legal accreditation and certification. It is an important consideration for a safe process and accurate result.

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