What are Prebiotics and How do they Work?
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What are Prebiotics and How do they Work?

There is nothing worse than constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable because of your digestive system not wanting to cooperate with you. But thanks to new ways to enhance your gut’s health, such as with the prebiotic smart drink known as vina, you can get back to living a life of comfort and optimized health.

What are Prebiotics

There are always emerging studies coming out around how you can improve your overall wellbeing. And when it comes to the health of our gut, there are many different ways to protect its health of it.

There is nothing worse than constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable because of your digestive system not wanting to cooperate with you. But thanks to new ways to enhance your gut’s health, such as with the prebiotic smart drink known as vina, you can get back to living a life of comfort and optimized health.

While there is still more emerging studies on prebiotics, they are proving to be effective in helping people be proactive about gut health and preventing anything bad or uncomfortable from happening. Imagine if you could actually live a life without stomach discomfort!

So what exactly are prebiotics anyway? And how do prebiotics actually help your gut health? We’ve rounded up everything you should know and all the reasons why you should consider enhancing your prebiotic intake daily.

Prebiotics and Your Gut

Your gut is a complicated organ. In fact, the colon (also known as your lower gut) is actually full of trillions of bacteria so that your body can continue to function. But the bacteria is not bad. In fact, the bacteria in your gut can help you ensure that your intestines stay healthy, your immune system remains strong and can even prevent inflammation.

It all comes down to your guts having a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. When it is in balance, everything will work as it should. But if something whacks the balance off, that is when things can start to go array. However, there is a way to get this all back on track—and that is through prebiotics.

How Does Prebiotics Work?

Having come onto the health and wellness scene only a few decades ago, prebiotics is still at the early stages in terms of research. But what is known amongst experts in the field is that prebiotics act as a type of fertilizer in a way for your gut. It helps create an environment within where good bacteria can start to grow again and harmony is restored again.

What is super interesting about prebiotics is that our digestive system actually can not break them down. In fact, they will go straight to our intestines and end up being fermented by all the bacteria that is already within. But it is this fermentation that allows the prebiotics to keep the cells within your stomach healthy and enhance their ability to digest normally. The most promising fact in this research is that scientists think prebiotics may be able to help prevent colon cancer and the risk of becoming obese.

Here is an overview of exactly how prebiotics helps your guts, in addition to keeping the balance of bacteria at that sweet spot:

1. They help your body absorb calcium. It is not only essential for your bone strength but also your muscles and your body’s ability to fight off different types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

2. Helps mediate the rate your blood sugar absorbs various foods, which can alter the levels. If it is not managed properly, there is a risk of developing diabetes.

3. Enhances the speed of your digestion, meaning that your intestines do not have to work as hard to get food waste out of your body and prevent you from feeling constipated.

How to Get Prebiotics

There are a variety of ways to ensure that your body is getting enough prebiotics to optimize your gut health. But before you change your diet, you should first consult with your doctor or nutritionist to ensure that you come up with a prebiotic plan that will benefit you.

In the most natural form, prebiotics comes in a ton of different fruits and vegetables. This includes things like apples, bananas, barley, flaxseeds, leeks, oats and onions. Then there are other types of foods that have been added in prebiotics, such as a range of baby formulas, cereals, breads and yogurts. You can also incorporate beverages into your diet that uses prebiotics and plant fibers as the main ingredients.


We all want a happy gut. And there is no better way to really do that than by ensuring we are getting enough prebiotics into our bodies. From eating natural fruits and vegetables to enjoying a smart soda that tastes great and enhances your overall wellbeing, there are numerous ways to maximize on the potential prebiotics can provide you with.

Who knew that keeping our guts happy could be so easy!

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