Anime Will Always Have A Special Place In My Heart

Alright, so before I start, I just wanna say that if you have anything against anime due to a bias or because you think it's weird, then you need to expand your mind. Watch a couple, think about how you feel, and then tell me how you feel. If by the end you still hate it, then oh well, I tried.

If you know me personally, you would know that I am a huge anime fan. That ranges from watching a variety of different shows to buying collectibles to playing video games, etc. If it's anime-related, I'm basically two steps behind it. Now, does that make me a weeb? I honestly don't know.

(A weeb is a person who's not Japanese but wishes they were. They're obsessed with Japanese culture and integrate Japanese words into everyday language.)

Am I obsessed with Japanese culture? Sort of. I would love to visit Japan to experience everything that they have to offer and then some. I've seen photos of some of the landmarks, and they're absolutely breathtaking. I would love to see them in person. Additionally, the arcades and gaming stores that they have are a gamer's paradise. Not to mention the anime galore.

I really can't remember how anime came into my life, but I know where it all started though: "Dragon Ball Z." There was always something about the series that just stuck with me to the point where I couldn't stop watching. Even though the new series "Dragon Ball Super" is garbage, it'll always have a special place in my mind. Literally, almost every day I would daydream that I'm in the "Dragonball" universe alongside Goku (the main protagonist) helping him save the world, and who hasn't tried to go Super Saiyan before?

In my junior year of high school, I felt like the school year was always kicking my butt at every corner. I hated all the classes I was taking and was constantly stressed out. I was very antisocial and couldn't really focus on anything but maintaining the goal of not getting a C in any of my classes. Not to mention that my counselor called my parents that year thinking that I was going to commit suicide. I tried to use anime to calm me down, but during that time I only watched action anime which didn't help me relax one bit. All they did was make me more anxious. So the solution that I found was to watch a casual anime show, and that show was "Love Live! Sunshine!!"

The thing about "Love Live!" is that the cast of the show is entirely female, so I would get a lot of shit for watching it. Being the 17-year-old badass I was, I didn't care what anyone thought. I would watch it in the library every time I got the chance. It was a great stress reliever. From then I found other shows such as "New Game" and "The Quintessential Quintuplets." Call me what you may, but these shows saved grades junior year.

I'm just gonna make this part short and sweet because I already know that I'm gonna get a few questions from friends and family about this. People are gonna ask, "Hey Bubba, do you watch hentai?" If you don't know what it is, look it up, 'cause I'm NOT describing it. My answer is plain and simple. 2D girls aren't real, so why? Now I'm not saying they can't be cute. I even paid someone to bring an OC (original creation) of one I had to reality. I honestly like to think that she's an alternate version of me or something.

Nerdy, yes, but I'm happy with that, so shut up.

Varnell Harris

So that's basically how I feel about anime. I hope that through this you learned a little bit more about me, and I hope in some way this entertained you. At the end that's really all I want to do. Make people happy. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go beg my parents to pay for my Japan trip.

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