1. Job Hunting

I’ve been trying to find a job for one month now and I have been applying basically everywhere and let me tell you, it is not easy. Even though I am applying to retail stores, job hunting will always be hard. I feel like I am just asking every store I walk in for an application. I know that once I find a job I’ll be relieved of the hunt.

2. I do not miss high school summer

When I was in high school, summer felt so much shorter. Being at St.Thomas Aquinas College and ending super early is making summer go by slower than expected. I love the feeling of days going by slow. It’s been a month since school and I am so ready to enjoy the rest of summer.

3. I miss my high school friends

Being away at college is so nice; being able to live away from home is an experience in itself. But being home the way it used to be when you come home is super nice, I love sharing my experience with my friends who I missed dearly during the school year especially since they can share their experience and drama as well with me.

4. Getting older means bigger adventures

Now that my friends and I have basically lived at college, drive, has a job, and can be out late it only means one thing: TRIPS! I am so excited to go on road trips, trips to the beach, and overnight trips. I don’t know exactly what we will do but I know we will do something big. I love doing stuff like this with my friends because it is such a learning experience and vacation it makes me happy knowing my friends share the same amount of ideas about trips during the summer as I do.

5. Transitioning

This probably should have been the first thing I talked about, but since it was the last I have my reasoning to why it is. While being away at school and transitioning back to home it was very easy for me. My parents knew the amount of freedom I had while at school and tried to accommodate it so I was not going back to old rules completely. I am very grateful for them to do this because it makes for an easy transition and a warm “welcome back.”