Finally, all my hipster dreams came true. Wes Anderson’s “Isle of the Dogs” is here! I’m surprised it took me this long to see it because let’s be real, I am a die-hard fan. I lost my Wes Anderson virginity when I first watched "The Grand Budapest Hotel." I remember just being completely mesmerized by the film. I was what the teens call nowadays, shook.

I didn’t know there was a cult following for his films until I moved to America. I made the connection that both “The Life Aquatic” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” were directed by the same person and from there my obsession began. I started hunting down movies that had similar schemes of quirk through the characters, interesting storylines, and the perfection of pastel color palettes.

I mean everyone loves a great feel-good movie, and Wes Anderson has a talent for portraying charming underdogs in all of his works. His characters are out of this world and at the same time very down to Earth. It’s like things you wouldn’t expect to fit together end up being so perfectly combined.

After four years of silence, my savior is back. I was shook again! I promise no spoilers. It’s a story about a young Japanese boy in search of his dog on a garbage island. The film is an hour long-ish stop motion picture film, which is insanely impressive, knowing how long the process is to create this type of masterpiece. The art form flows so well, it’s easy to love.

I just wanted to share with you the extent of my love for his work...For those who’ve seen "The Life Aquatic", I’ve attended a David Bowie tribute concert sang by Seu Jorge from "The Life Aquatic" and wore Adidas sneakers, attempted to dress in a blue tracksuit and a red beanie. Another fact, I drunk bought the ticket and went by myself. I’ve also attempted to throw a Wes Anderson themed birthday party but ended just sending everyone a color palette to follow (will throw a successful one in the near future). If this doesn’t make me the biggest nerd on the planet I don’t know what does.

"Isle of the Dogs" is now, hands down, one of my favorite movies by him. It’s humorous, creative .and just overall holistic. The film also reminds us once again that we serious don’t deserve dogs.