Last summer, I experienced an awful sickness that landed me in the emergency room. It began in the middle of my summer semester at UF. I got a fever that lasted for one full week. Fevers typically last two to three days but can last longer so this fact wasn't too concerning. However, my temperature was averaging 103-104. After six days of the fever, I decided to go to a walk-in clinic to get blood work done to make sure it wasn't a bacteria-induced fever.

When I got my blood work back they said I didn't have an infection and everything seemed fine. By this time my fever was going away and I was feeling much better. I continued to go to class as usual and everything seemed fine. But, a few weeks later I came down with a fever again.

I'm not someone who regularly gets sick. So, having a fever twice in such a short period of time was very abnormal but I figured it was just that time of the semester that college freshman living in dorms were all getting sick and that I caught something.

This fever seemed like the other one initially but by the second day, it became much worse. I went through extreme hot and cold flashes, which left me shivering. I was waking up multiple times throughout the night from being too cold or too hot. I couldn't make it to class this time around and I even traveled back home to have my mom help take care of me. The day I came back to Gainesville I broke down because of how much pain I was in.

My roommate drove me to the emergency room and I figured I would be sitting in the waiting room for hours because after all I only had a fever. They took my temperature right away it was 104.4. They took me back immediately ran blood and urine tests x-rayed my chest and did an ultrasound of my bladder. I was there for hours and they could find nothing wrong with me. They were able to get my fever down with all the medication and fluids they were giving me so I was released.

After the trip to the emergency room, my fever ebbed away after a few days. I felt that there was a deeper lying issue so I decided to go to a local healer to see if he could detect anything wrong on a more spiritual/mental level that was causing me to become sick. At this point, I had already been to the doctor, the emergency room and talked to a family friend who was a physician. None of which could give me any reason for my recurring fevers. So, I was pretty open-minded to what a healer could do for me.

I went to certified reiki healer and had an hour-long session. He explained to me that my root and sacral chakra (the bottom two) were black when they are supposed to be red and orange. As a result, my throat chakra was overcompensating by stepping in to act for my sacral and root chakras.

After the healing session, I didn't initially feel any different. In the time after I began consistently taking an iron supplement, which I was supposed to take regularly for anemia. It's been several months and I haven't been sick since. There are several explanations for what happened. It could have been a total coincidence that I got sick twice so closely together, my low iron was causing the fevers. However, my iron was unlikely the issue because when visiting the emergency room they didn't say I had low iron when looking at my blood test results. Or finally, the reiki healer truly worked.