In case I had not made it clear enough before, I love Wellesley. I've only been here 2 months, but so many amazing things happen every single day. Here are five things that, to me, make Wellesley special and truly wonderful.

1. Everybody is accepting.

When I came to Spring Open Campus, all of the students here were so kind and helpful, ready to give directions and answer questions. Then I actually came to school here, and found out it runs even deeper. No matter what someone is struggling with or succeeding in, there are always people to support them and cheer them on. Whether it's making sure to use the right pronouns, telling someone "I love you" when they need to hear it, or just listening without judgment, I have seen countless beautiful examples of solidarity and friendship.

2. Have you seen the campus?

Yes, that gigantic bell tower over there is on top of a building where I actually take classes. I walk through those incredible trees and say, "Hi," to the chipmunks every morning. The place where I live does, in fact, look like a castle.

3. The Quidditch team!

We have the best and most fun Quidditch team ever. That is all.

4. The professors really care.

Every professor I have loves their subject and truly wants students to succeed. My chemistry professor, for example, reads us poems about the chemistry concepts we learn.

5. There are so many built-in support systems.

From the first year mentor groups, to the RAs, to the counselors at the Stone Center, there is always somebody to talk to. I can honestly say this has made the transition to college life so much easier.

I am so glad to call Wellesley my home away from home.