Welcome Week is almost here. For some, this will be another fun Welcome Week with friends, for others, this will be a brand new experience. Here are 30 thoughts that go through every freshman student's head when Welcome Week hits and heading into the first day of class:

1. Wow, there's a lot of incoming students!

2. Yay! My last name is toward the beginning of the alphabet, I get first dibs on the beds.

3. Ah man! My last name is towards the end of the alphabet, everything will be taken.

4. Got my key, Student ID, and free stuff—sweet!

5. This traffic is taking forever!

6. Wow, I really do have a lot of stuff.

7. Poor move-in crew, they must be burning up out here.

8. Oh my gosh! I'm in my room!

9. Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad. Hello, college life.

10. Let's unpack.

11. I have a lot of neighbors.

12. Tomorrow begins the Welcome Week activities!

13. Free food!

14. There's so much to do.

15. College life is amazing!

16. Classes are starting soon, this is great!

17. Free food!

18. There's a hypnotist!

19. Do people really get hypnotized?

20. I wonder what's going on at home.

21. Tomorrow is my first day of classes!

22. I can't sleep, my professors are going to be scary.

23. Okay, my first class wasn't too bad.

24. Lunch is insane!

25. Why did I have to get a meal plan?

26. Where's the free food?

27. Classes are over—that wasn't too bad.

28. Ugh! Homework.

29. This is still better than high school.

30. I think I'm going to like it here!