Move-ins are over, all the students are settling in, and classes have finally begun. We are back! The aura of excitement buzzes through the air. Walking down the promenade, you see multiple people running to hug their friends to catch up on each other’s summers. Dining halls are packed and bustling with students. Huge herds of people sweep through the quad at all hours. It is good to be back at ‘Cuse.

My favorite week out of the whole semester is syllabus week. There is so much hope in everyone. Classes just began and professors explain the exciting new material. Everyone is in that giddy spirit of motivation to excel in classes. With a new start, people are having fun and socializing with their friends. All around it’s full of anticipation.

Last year, as a freshmen, I did not realize how important it was to cherish every moment of syllabus week because the little amount of readings will soon turn into mountains and the fun moments of socializing will soon be taken over by naps or Netflix. College goes by so fast and syllabus week is when you can enjoy yourself the most, so I advise you to treasure this week and have a blast.

I can’t wait for what this year will bring. Happy syllabus week and welcome back students! :)