We've all had our fair share of weird dreams. It's always interesting to hear other people's stories about their dreams because, hopefully, they're weirder than yours and you'll feel better about yourself. People always think that I eat something weird before bed because of the wacky dreams I have, but I guess my brain is just pretty imaginative. Do any of these top your weirdest dream?

1. His face was a bag of ice

"I had one where a guy who's face was a bag of ice, but I was locked in an attic and he would chase me around."

2. Beyonce didn't approve

"One time I dreamt I was a backup dancer for Beyonce and she was just really disappointed in me."

3. Free falling

"That I was falling from the sky."

4. They tried to put my bunny to sleep

"I had a dream when I was younger that my neighbor's dad walked over to me while I was sitting by my mailbox with my bunny and he injected something in my bunny's ear to put him to sleep."

5. Pirates were among us

"I had a dream pirates were on a lawn care truck and I was hiding behind a flower bush in my front yard."

6. I'm Batman

"I was Batman and Alfred came to me to tell me that alien supervillains came to Earth to purchase an island. They were monitoring me for 10 years until they could find the best way to kill me and everyone I loved. My girlfriend felt I wasn't spending enough time with her, because I was too busy being Batman, and I had to choose between having to prepare to defeat the supervillains or go on vacation with my girlfriend. She ended up going with some other dude."

7. Inflatable Simpsons characters

"I had a dream I was living in a house on the beach and I looked out the window and saw people dressed as inflatable Simpsons characters running on the beach. It was really windy so they kept flopping and falling over."

8. My spouse wasn't my spouse

" I have had this dream a couple of times. I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth at my current apartment and there is a man standing behind me getting ready to start the day as I was. I was calm and relaxed and always assumed that he was my spouse, but I could never see his face or any defining characteristics of who he was."

9. Forcing Harry Styles to love me

"I had been watching too much of 'The Vampire Diaries' in real life and I had a dream that I went to a Harry Styles concert where I got to meet him and I tried to compel him to fall in love with me."

10. College nightmares

"I have a reoccurring nightmare about being enrolled in a college class without knowing it, so I failed the class and don't actually have my degree."

11. My life is perfect in my dream

"I keep having this weird, crazy dream where I'm moved out, have a girlfriend, a great job, and everything is peachy."

12. I was a DJ

"I was hanging out with someone people at a music festival. They took me upstairs to the DJ booth where there was this big open area that overlooked the concert. My friend told everyone that I was the guest DJ and I was nervous because I had never DJed before. So I went to use the turntable and it made a loud scratching noise and everyone looked at me disappointingly. I had to think of something quick so I took the megaphone and yelled, 'Shakira Shakira!' and everyone started clapping and screaming and then the bass dropped. I don't know who dropped it. Then Katy Perry came out and told me good job."

13. My teeth fall out

"I have this dream where I am trying to talk or eat and one of two things happen: either I open my mouth and cannot close it due to my teeth being too large or they fall out of my mouth like dentures."

14. I go to the sun

"I was having a good time with my mother, playing catch in the backyard when suddenly it felt like the front part of my shirt was grabbed and pulled upwards literally towards the sun. I woke up before hitting it though."