Untraditional Wedding Traditions For The Girl Who Got Her Ring By Spring

6 Untraditional Wedding Traditions For The Girl Who Got Her Ring By Spring

This time of year is full of new beginnings.


Wedding season is among us, folks. Starting in April and going until mid-September, this time of year is full of new beginnings. Little do the happy couples know what secrets lie in their traditions. As wedding planning commences, it is important to understand the history of weddings and to chuckle a bit, too!

The White Dress

White dresses are an essential staple piece for weddings. Despite this, they haven't always been so prominent. To convince the groom that she came from a family with money, the bride would wear multiple layers of expensive garments. These included silk, fur, and velvet. Brides even wore red for a small span of time.

The white dress trend didn't start until Queen Victoria made white fashionable and stylish. At her own wedding in 1840, Queen Victoria wore a pale gown lined with orange blossoms. After, everyone else started to follow in her footsteps. Talk about a trendsetter.


The wedding party is a tradition that has gone unquestioned. What could be so odd about celebrating the biggest day of your life with your besties by your side? There is much more to the story than what meets the eye.

Bridesmaids are commonly known and distinguished by their matching outfits. Their brightly colored ensemble allows for the bride to stand out amongst the crowd. Although, this hasn't always been this way. The bridesmaids originally wore their unanimous attire to confuse and outsmart any lingering evil spirits. Since all are matching, the spirits would be unable to identify which women were getting married. The duties of the bridesmaids date back to early Roman times. Bridesmaids would line up in a protective shield while walking the bride into the groom's village. These women would protect the bride, just in case, someone were to harm her or attempt to steal her away.


The "best man" is another odd aspect of the wedding party. The original duty of the "best man" was to ensure as a backup to the groom in case the bride decided to flee. The best man would be in charge of kidnapping her if she had changed her mind about marriage. The "best" in "best man" refers to his skill with the sword. The "best man" standing in front with the groom is also to protect. He is there in case someone tries to challenge or attack the groom or steal his bride. In other words, a "best man" is a true friend.

The Bouquet Toss and Garter Belt.

In my opinion, this is one of the weirdest wedding traditions. Right after the bride and groom said their vows, they were rushed into the next room to consummate the marriage. This ritual required an audience in order to make it official. This resulted in crowds of party guests gathering around the couple, hoping to get a good view at the action at hand. They all fought to rip off a piece of the bride's dress as it was being torn off her body.

As time progressed, society realized that this tradition was not appropriate. After the marriage, the couple would still consummate the marriage, but in a more private way. In order to be modest, the bride would toss her bouquet as a diversion. The two would then make a getaway to do-the-do. Once alone, the groom would throw her undergarments outside the room to prove they were about to "make it official." I didn't know losing ones virginity had to be a public affair.

The Wedding Cake.

The wedding cake is something the guests and the wedding party are cravings by the end of the reception. Although it may seem like it is only present to be used in celebration, that is not the case.

Back in the day, bread was used during weddings instead of cake. it was common for grooms to take a bite out of a loaf of bread during the wedding. Once he did this, the remaining bread was crumbled over the bride's head. This was a sign of good luck. Guests would then swarm the bride's feet and collect the remaining breadcrumbs. This was a way to absorb the bride's newfound luck.

Later on, the tradition evolved. Instead of bread, a cake was used. The bride would push pieces of cake through her ring to her guests. The guests would then take their pieces home, place them under their pillow, and sleep on them for good luck. Talk about a mess.

The Honeymoon.

Honeymoons today are seen as tropical vacation getaways. They serve as a chance for the bride and groom to spend some quality time alone. Although harmless and fun now, back then it was quite the opposite.

As discussed previously, brides would be kidnapped if they attempted to flee during the wedding. The honeymoon was seen as a chance to hide the bride. The opportunity to be elsewhere was established so the bride's tribe would forget her.

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To My Future Sister-In-Law On Her Wedding Day

I hope you know you're dearly loved.

From overly detailed text messages to surprising dress orders from India and nights spent watching mom make flower décor of all styles, we have been preparing for this day for quite some time. Honestly, the wait has seemed longer than the seven months it has taken to get us here. When you asked me to be your bridesmaid a few months ago, I was a little unsure on how to best encourage you through all things wedding related, but now I consider myself a pro at helping relieve the jitters you never even had.

After all of the waiting and planning, all of the love, time and money that has went into getting you to this moment, the day has arrived! So, here’s my letter to you, the deserving and beautiful bride, on your wedding day.

In a little while, you’ll be exchanging vows with the man who made you a mother, and the one that was always worth fighting for. You’ll probably mess up some words and cry when he recites his, but you’ll cheer when it’s all over. At the end of the night, you’ll be way too happy to take your shoes off, and you’ll be getting congratulations messages for weeks from now. I hope that in every second of the day, you see just how much beauty is infused into the time.

I hope you know you’re loved always, by me, your family, God, and (of course) your new husband. I hope you know we’ll always be rooting for you. I hope you recognize the perfect fit that your mister is, and I hope you know that I smile when I see the two of you together. I pray that the love you two have will be passed down to your children’s children as a testament for what the Lord created love to be.

You deserve nothing less than the compassionate, careful, detail- oriented man than you are getting today. You know I’d give you the whole world if I could, but since God’s a better cupid than I’ll ever be, He set you up years ago to meet the man that you would never really be able to get over. I’m thankful that watching your story unfold has taught me what loyalty, unconditional love, and an intentional relationship looks like. I am in awe of the support system that y’all have for one another, and despite being entirely different, your love is still the same. I give all glory to our Creator for the success that I have so joyfully been able to watch you two accomplish. Today is such a celebration of that, and I hope you never forget the feeling of walking down the aisle to make a covenant to your man and God in front of so many people who will always root for you.

In life, I know there will be days that you feel lost, like you have no idea why you did this in the first place, and like no one appreciates the effort you put in daily. These times will come not because you’re not in the situation God ordained for you, and not because you haven’t given it your all. They’ll come when you have been stretched thin and when other things in your life are going astray. Please know during these times that the Lord has not abandoned you, He is only testing you. I hope that you will take time to love yourself, and that you will allow yourself to feel loved by others, no matter how unworthy you feel. Look at those that have done it before you and take a breath. Sweet wife, sweet mama, you’ll do just fine.

Here’s to the beginning of a new chapter, learning to perfect signing new names after yours, and to every beautiful thing that is sure to come from your union with a man who loves you dearly. Thank you for allowing me to love you, to celebrate with you, and to stand alongside you today and forever. I am so grateful for your heart, and to be a part of your family. I’ll forever cherish the moments (and smiles and pictures and tears) that are to come.

Cover Image Credit: Bare Feet photography

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I Don't Know Who My Groom Is Yet But I Have The Perfect Bridesmaids

I that makes me feel really special.


Something I've dreamed about for most of my life is my wedding day. I've made books and had PowerPoints with all my plans since I was like eight. I don't know if I thought I'd be married by now, or anytime soon. But I definitely don't think I had any idea how hard finding a husband would be.

Truthfully, I'm not even close. People I know are married already, or they at least feel like they could be with who they're currently with.

And whether I feel like I'm ready for that part of my life or not, it's not time. I just have to trust the process. I'm not in a place mentally or physically to have a guy at my side. I've got a few more trips around the sun I need to make on my own.

But that doesn't mean I'm unhappy with that, because I'm checking boxes off my age-old wedding checklist as I go along. I might have to save the husband best for last. The bride will still be moving forward until the day comes. With her perfect potential bridesmaids in tow.

The friends I have now made my wait that much sweeter. They've shown me what love is like, and through them, I've learned how to love people like family. They've shown me that I can be loved by people who don't have to love me and that that's something I deserve. Even on my roughest days.

My friends have seen every side of me. The goofy side, the side of me running low on patience AND caffeine, and the side that can talk for hours about things no one would ever care about. There have been long nights and early mornings. Stupid fights where I was probably in the wrong. Times I couldn't stop laughing and times where I've ugly-cried for hours. There's been distance and probably too much time being too close to one another.

Through it all, they've still chosen to stick around, proving that people do.

They are why, when the time comes, I'll do a great job at holding someone's heart. And why I'll be extra selective when picking the person who I want holding mine. They were the people who took care of me and gave me love and attention. .

I know how lucky I am and would never take it for granted. I know some people find their husbands first and then don't think they need to perfect set of friends to be bridesmaids. So they'll shove some cousins in ugly dresses and call it a day. But those bridesmaids are essential. They're the ones who will literally be on your side at the wedding, and then through every little, metaphorical thing after that.

And that's how I know the friends I've so thoughtfully picked will one day be my bridesmaids. I won't be more confident with any decision I make until I say "I do."

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