Congratulations, you've somehow managed to survive your first year in college. You're probably thinking nothing can be worse or weirder than that first year. Well, anything is possible and of course, you have a hold on your life, but trust me, it gets weirder.

Becoming a sophomore in college is somewhat like becoming a sophomore in high school. Even behind closed doors, you still sometimes catch yourself saying some negative things about freshman, despite just recently being in their shoes. Another thing is, at least in my small major, after freshman year (if you play your cards right) you're taking junior and senior level classes. Seriously, you don't know how weird and sort of scary that is.

On another note, you aren't considered that new anymore. That means, in short, you're on your own. The stark realization that you really should start taking everything seriously is pretty sudden and terrifying. Classes are more high risk, not to mention at this point you may be living off campus.

If anyone can get over the initial weirdness and unexpected shock, then it doesn't have to be a negative thing all the time. Being this weird age and rank in college is your first shot at testing the waters of being a real person. At the end of the day, it is kind of fun since you don't necessarily need to go searching for friends or your group. At this point, you skip that whole period of freshman and get to only the good parts.

For sure, it can suck being a sophomore. It's being the youngest adult. If you can just seize the day and acknowledge what you are and could be doing, you'll be able to scrape through this year just like last.