7 Resolutions For The New Year, From The Traditional To The Kinda Weird

7 Resolutions For The New Year, From The Traditional To The Kinda Weird

I'm talking ideas you might actually make it to February with.

The new year is baking in the oven and is about ready to arrive. People make New Year's Resolutions each January but, let's be real: By February 1st, they are probably forgotten about or pushed off until next year. But not this time!

Here are 7 traditional and not-so-common resolution ideas that you might actually stick with for all 12 months of the year.

1. Lose Weight

We all say we're going to do this each year (I am guilty of this myself- I'm leaving 2017 10 lbs heavier than when I started so I'll try again next year) but never actually stick with it. Maybe give yourself an incentive to shred the extra chunk! Everyone loves a good prize. Reward yourself with a little trip or small shopping spree for each fitness milestone.

2. Try New Foods

This can also help with losing weight! Change up your diet to something new and leave the same boring foods you always eat in 2017.

3. Learn a Fun Party Trick

This is an interesting one! If you sometimes feel boring or sub-par in large social settings here is your chance to stand out. This can also come in handy on the first day of classes when your Professor is asking everyone to introduce themselves and include a fun fact or experience. You never know when your new party trick could come in handy.

4. Travel. Travel. Travel.

What's the saying? "Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be" News flash people, we aren't getting any younger! Travel while you can and experience it all in your prime. If you have to, get a piggy bank out and start saving, you did it when you were little you can do it again. (Ugh I should really take my own advice)

5. Limit Eating Out

In all of the craziness that goes on today, it is so much easier to quickly go through a drive-through or call in a to-go meal for dinner. Unfortunately, us Americans do this way too much and would have larger wallets and smaller waste-lines if we stuck to this New Year's Resolution. Hint hint: this will also help your travel fund piggy bank.

6. Random Acts of Kindness

It's becoming a cruel world we live in. Make it a little brighter by dedicating to do one small act each day in order to make someone else's day. Hold the door open for the girl with her arms full, send a sweet text to that friend you haven't talked to in awhile, buy the person's coffee behind you in the Starbucks line. Just be a good person!

7. Form 1 Good Habit In Replace of 1 Bad Habit

So I really suck at putting my clothes away after I fold and wash them. They end up strung all around my room like the extra decorations I really don't need. I am going to try to kick this bad habit in replace of waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning to tidy my room and stretch- I always feel better when I stretch, yet I never make the time to do it. It's the little things like this, that can make you feel better each day! No matter how small or large the habit is, work on one thing at a time and see where it takes you.

I hope you all have an amazing Holiday season and Happy New Year. If you've made it this far and read all my weekly thoughts, I appreciate you and am looking forward to bringing more funny and unique articles in the new year! Adios old year...

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50 Random Thoughts You Have On Any Given Snow Day

"Oh no, I slept through my 7:30 class!"

When you live in the south, snow days are few and far between. School's more likely to be shut down for a tornado than snow! When a snow day happens, it's a surreal experience that feels separated from reality and that disconnect spawns some weird thoughts. Here are 50 random thoughts from a snow day.

1. "Oh no, I slept through my 7:30 class!"

2. "Wait! Class is canceled and I can sleep in!

Falls back into unconsciousness.

3. "Did I really sleep until noon?!? Half my free day is gone!"

4. "Oh well..."

5. "So what do I want to do with a WHOLE day free?"

6. "Hmmm, brain isn't working. Coffee, first!"

7. "I wonder when it's supposed to start snowing? I'll check online!"

Spends an hour fooling around on Facebook and Pinterest.

8. "I need to do something productive. I'll do some homework! Right after I eat..."

9. "What do I want to eat?"

Pizza, salad, chicken, mac n cheese?

10. "Chocolate chip pancakes!"

11. "Wait, why are they falling apart when I flip?"

Oh...I forgot the egg...

12. "PB&J it is!"

13. "Okay, I've eaten and it's time to start homework!"

14. "But I can't leave all these dishes here..."

I'll just have to do the dishes first!

15. "Dishes are done, and I think I've earned a break!"

16. "I wonder what's new on Netflix?"

17. "Oooo, this looks interesting!"

30 minutes later...nope, bored.

18. "I should watch a movie instead!"

30 minutes later...nope, not enough attention span.

19. "Oh! It's 4 PM. I'll just put it on Friends for background noise while I do homework."

20. "Do Joey and Chandler even buy food?"

They're always at Monica's. Does she just do the shopping for all of them?

21. "Monica has a really nice apartment."

I wonder how much rent is?

22. "Rent in New York City is how much!?!?!"

23. "No wonder they all eat Monica's food! They can't afford it!"

24. "How do Rachel, Pheobe, and Joey even afford to live here!?! How are they not homeless!?!"

25. "How many people in New York are homeless?"

26. "63,000!!!!!!!!"

*internal sobbing*

27. "Oh geez, I need to do homework still..."

28. "Okay, let's check Blackboard."

29. "Nothing new. Might as well check Facebook while I'm on here."

30. "Looks like another person got engaged."

31. "And another one got married."

32. "And another had a baby."

33. "And a second baby..."

34. "And a third baby..."

35. "And a fourth baby...what's in the water!?!?!"

36. "What did their parents say?!?"

37. "Wait, we're all adults and having babies is normal now..."

38. "Being an adult is weird."

39. "I wonder if Pinterest has any tips on being an adult?"

40. "Oh, that mac n cheese recipe looks amazing!"

41. "I should go get the ingredients for that!

Wait, roads are closed today...

42. "Tips on Disney World travel!"

43. "I miss Disney so much!"

44. "Kyle's never been to Disney! We need to go!"

45. "How much does a week at Disney cost?"

46. "...so we might have enough money in 20 years..."

47. "He's never been to Universal either! How much does that cost?"

48. "...this is just depressing..."

49. "Okay, enough messing around. I do need to check email, though."

50. "Awesome! Another snow day tomorrow!"

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Summer Adventures

Warmer weather calls for summertime adventures with friends.

The countdown to summer begins as everyone looks forward to the warmer weather and longer days of sunlight. Days of getting to sleep in until noon and then staying out late.

There is nothing like getting to sleep in until noon, and then staying out late because it's summer! Summer is filled with many memories and adventures, because it is a time to relax and have fun. You feel the happiest during the summer, when your getting a nice tan and spending almost every day and every second with your friends.

Summer is also the time for adventures. My friends and I always make a list of the places we want to go, as well as a list of things we want to see before the end of the summer.

The best days are when you can drive with all the windows down, your hair is blowing in the wind, and you have the music jamming. Nothing like having a little jam session with your friends while cruising down the highway. We all have that one friend who rolls down the windows and blasts the music whenever they're driving.

"Weird New Jersey" is a list of places located throughout New Jersey and the stories behind each of them. During the summer, I go looking for these places with my sister, my best friend, my best friend's mom, and my best friend's sister. Clinton Road is one of these places, and the story is if you travel along it at night, a black truck will appear and follow you.

We Jersey people also like to take trips to the Jersey Shore. The beach is one of the best places to go, and I could sit there for days just soaking in the sun and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore. The beach is a relaxing place to go, where you can spend time with family and friends. Not only can you go to the beach, but you can also go to the boardwalk and get some of the best food and ice cream around.

Another thing my friends and I like to do is go adventuring on my one friend’s boat. We like to cruise all along the lake and take in the scenery. Sometimes we like to park the boat and go swimming, or just float around and soak in the sun.

Many people like to adventure to an exotic location for a week or two, where they spend their time getting to know the area and local culture. I usually adventure to Florida, whether it be to the beach or to Disney. While we're in Florida for a week or so, my family and I get to explore the area, shop, and relax by the ocean or a pool.

Finally, hiking is another great way to go on an adventure. In New Jersey (specifically Sussex County), there are several places to go hiking. Most of these places have beautiful scenery and are incredibly peaceful. Last summer, I went hiking at Adams Creek, which has a waterfall that is astonishing to see in person.

Cover Image Credit: Kristen Rafferty

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