The Weeks Between Thanksgiving Break And Winter Break Are A Living Hell

The Weeks Between Thanksgiving Break And Winter Break Are A Living Hell

But we've got this. We're almost there.

Thanksgiving break was quite possibly my favorite five days of the year. After a stressful few months at college, those few days off felt like heaven on Earth. Reuniting with old friends, eating lots of delicious home-cooked food, getting to sleep well, playing with my dog... ahhh, break.

But now, we're back at school and we've got three weeks to go. Just three. It's gonna be fine. Just three weeks. Until you realize that the first Monday back felt like an entire week in and of itself and that no, these three weeks will not be easy.

You're almost there, you can see the finish line on track coming up, but the single CLIF bar you had this morning is already wearing off and you're burning out. You've made the end of the semester to-do list, and it's full of essays, projects, presentations, exams, studying, and of course lots and lots of busy work.

You've said C's get degrees more times than you should, and you've considered dropping your second major and your minors, you've considered life as a hermit.

But never fear! Because we can do this. My professor told me on the first day of school that if you can get through your first semester at college, you can get through practically anything. You can definitely get through college.

It might sound like a pretty lame cop out, but you have to remind yourself that college is not easy. People struggle here ALL the time. One of my close friends struggled her entire first year at college to the point where she thought she may transfer out and go to college closer to home, but now in her senior year, she’s the top candidate for recruitment at several different accounting and consulting firms.

That goes to show that just because it’s difficult now, it does not mean it will be difficult always. It does not mean that you can’t do it. You can. You just gotta keep pushing.

This same friend told me over break that if you work hard, you’re going to be fine, and if you’ve worked hard and still don’t do fine, it’s okay. Let it go. Sometimes you know you just have to take the L, but don’t let it get you down. Keep going. Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t do anything about, and just put your best work forward.

I know all this is much easier said than done; trust me, I’m in the same position. I can’t help but stress out over these things too. All you need is a little inspiration.

Leslie says, "YES YOU CAN."

Right now, you've been running the 3-mile distance on an entirely new track, and it's got hurdles even though you never signed up for them. But now you're on the last lap of the last mile. You've got to finish strong.

You're gonna run this bend, you're gonna sprint down the straightaway, you're gonna cross the finish line. Even if you don't get your PR, you're gonna finish. You got this.

Don't be Andy. You can do it.

Leslie's got your back (and me too).

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Humanities Are Just As Important As STEM

Humanities matter.

Growing up in the Bay Area in addition to being the daughter of Indian immigrants, I understand the effect that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has on us. I’m born and raised in the Silicon Valley, home of so many tech companies and where girls are heavily encouraged to get involved with STEM.

"It’s supposed to make a lot of money," they say. I understand that while money is a very crucial factor in being successful, we often forget that there are so many majors and jobs for non-STEM majors out there. In the Indian community, we’re often asked, “So what type of engineering are you majoring in?” as if we’re not allowed to do anything else.

God forbid we choose to even major in business. I’ve heard comments such as, “What kind of business can you even learn in undergrad? It’s useless!”

I’ll admit, I’ve heard comments like that from my parents as well. They always question why I take humanities classes or put in so much effort and work into them. They expect that these classes are an easy A and don’t require as much work as my technical classes for my major, computer science.

This is the complete opposite. Every class is difficult in its own way and by being a STEM major, it can even make humanities classes harder for me as they are not my forte.

Humanities matter.

They help us build skills such as critical reading, writing, and communication, which are important in ANY field we choose to enter. They teach us critical thinking and reasoning and help us become informed citizens. They encourage us to think creatively and develop genuine connections with those around us.

While STEM classes definitely teach us how to think critically, they definitely do not teach us how to develop connections and communication skills with those around us, or at least not to the extent that humanities classes do. It is vital that we have both in our lives and we cannot dismiss humanities as less trivial than STEM, no matter what the salary might be when exiting college.

I am a political science minor, and even though it has the word “science” in it, it is definitely not considered a STEM class. Political science has taught me so much and while people always seem to be confused why I’m studying two completely different fields, political science and computer science together have given me the ability to advance my education.

Political science has informed me so much about what is happening around us. It is imperative that we know what is going on in our lives.

We can’t be sitting on our computers, just coding all day. We need a balance of both. Analyzing court cases and briefs, as well as hypothetical cases, is sort of like debugging. You think you got your code right, but in fact, there probably is a mistake and an alternate solution to it. You have to look at it over and over again, stare at it until you fix it. I love how political science and computer science are interconnected even though they seem like they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Humanities matter. Just as much as STEM. I cannot stress that enough.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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The Series Of Emotions You Feel During Finals Week, Explained In Detail By 'Jersey Shore'

An accurate representation of typical college students feelings during finals week.

In honor of the legendary return of "Jersey Shore" and the fast approach of death week (AKA finals week), here is an accurate representation of the 9 of emotions every college student feels while prepping for exams. And for all of those who are still in the depression of missing DJ Pauly D being on campus… this one’s for you.

Emotion # 1: Procrastination

“Let’s get wastey-pants” - Snooki

Emotion # 2: Acceptance to start studying

“Hell has to be just like this.” - Vinny

Emotion #3: Struggling to understand the material

“I mean I know I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but this isn’t rocket science." - Deena

Emotion # 4: Getting distracted and staring off into space thinking deeply about something totally unrelated to the subject your studying for

“I’m like, a pretty deep dude.” - The Situation

Emotion #5: Debating dropping out of college

“People should go to school at a bar.” - Deena

Emotion #6: Finally understanding the material

“Yeahhhh buddy” - Pauly D

Emotion #7: Realizing you were lying to yourself & don't understand it at all

"One step forward, two steps back." - Ronnie

Emotion #8: Nervousness to take the test

“I’m gonna turd in my pants” - Snooki

Emotion #9: Acceptance of potential failure

“Let’s do it!” - The Situation

The aftermath…

“I’m sorry I punched you in the face” - Sammi

... Also your exam

Cover Image Credit: toofab / YouTube

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