Your Weekly Thoughts During The Fall Semester

College is a weird time of your life because in the middle of having fun, you are having mental breakdowns. You will try your hardest to stay on the schedule that you painstakingly planned out for yourself, but instead of following through with the plan, you are procrastinating procrastination. Honestly, how the heck did you survive 7 hours of classes 5 days a week in high school?

Week 1- Syllabus Week!

It went from "Here is your syllabus" to "Alright, we will have our first exam next class so make sure you read chapters 1-8 and write your essays before the exam" real quick. Real fricken quick.

Week 2

This is when the continuous game of catching up in your classes and your sleep begins.

Week 3

You aren't crying, you just have overly priced college education in your eye.

Week 4

No longer happy to be back, you are drowning in homework, you’re sick and so is everyone else.

Week 5

You ~still~ don’t know if the guy you talk to in Biology is named Blake or Drake and you are too deep into the semester to ask him.

Week 6

You have really started to fully embrace the concept of j-walking- especially if a bus is close by. You don’t have to pay student loans if you are dead.

Week 7

Next week is midterm week but you somehow have exams this week in addition to the midterm.

Week 8- Midterm Week!

Your schedule is full because you will be busy crying every day of the week morning and night- except Friday night and all day Saturday- that is when you will turn up…and probably cry.

Week 9

The PTSD from exam week has got you dreading finals week even more now.

Week 10

The only scarier thing than the Halloween haunted housing you will go to this weekend are people asking you what you plan to do after graduation.

Week 11

You have been contemplating changing your major to something significantly easier or dropping out altogether.

Week 12

You are failing eight classes even though you are only in five.

Week 13

In the midst of your Grey’s Anatomy marathon you think you have what it takes to be chief of surgery, then you walk into Bio 101 and they tell you that the mitochondria is not ~just~ the powerhouse of the cell and then you change your major from pre-med to self-exploration.

Week 14

You have officially become 95% stress and 5% human.

Week 15

You’ll be checking your emails for finals study guides at the frat house party on Saturday.

Week 16- Finals!

Staying up until 4 a.m. cramming for your exam at 8 a.m. while chugging coffee mixed with RedBull because your GPA actually does define you as a person in college.

What's more exciting, knowing that you will be done with the semester this week or Christmas break?

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