How a weekend away saved my mental health

We all have had those weeks or months where everything in our lives seems to go wrong. Where you feel alone and like a failure. You want to escape from life but you don't want to be where you are. Getting out of town is the perfect escape! In the past three weeks, I went from being happily in love to single and from a straight A student to failing grades. Life felt hopeless, I had no motivation to go to classes or cope with my break up. All I was sure of was I didn't want to spend another weekend in my stuffy apartment in a college town where all there is to do is partying.

I decided to take a 2-hour road trip to a town I'd never been to before with one of my best friends since early high school days. It was a great experience, we explored the town and spent the weekend together for the first time in 7 years. I realized that even when life shoots us hard situations there are the little things that get us back in a good spot. Even after a weekend away, the feelings are still there but they are not as strong as before. The getaway helped me refocus on what is important and gets your head out of that dark spot.

While not everyone can afford to just up and leave for a weekend there is plenty of day trips you can take to get away from it all. Even if it doesn't seem like much take a small road trip if you can. Go out of the area that has you in a slump. When you return I can almost guarantee that you'll feel better. The feelings may still be there but they won't be as strong as before, they will have shifted to a new form. Getaway for a short if you can, get out and explore those towns in your state you've been wanting to. Go live your life. Take a deep breath and start planning your next adventure.

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