"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" is a part of my weekly ritual. Every Sunday night I watch LWT and laugh along with John Oliver's great graphics, dry jokes, and animal mascots.

If you haven't seen any LWT tonight episodes, I'm sorry for ruining your next 48 hours. It's going to be worth it.

Although all of LWT is great, here are 15 of the greatest segments:

1. Crisis pregnancy centers

Crisis pregnancy centers or CPS is something that I have not been exposed to personally. I live in Washington state and have access to women's clinics that do not have a biased tone. Outside of my state, CPCs are becoming more and more popular and we need to be aware of the impact they have on our country.

2. Cryptocurrencies

If you aren't a STEM student, you might not be aware of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrencies and one you may have heard of. John breaks down the basics of virtual currencies and why the average person should care.

3. Multilevel Marketing

This is probably my favorite episode of Last Week Tonight. We all have friends who sell an MLM product. I see a lot of It Works! on my news feed. If you are considering signing up for an MLM or buying product, I urge you to watch this episode to learn about how they work.

4. Marijuana

Marijuana is pretty popular and legal in Washington State. At this point, all of the states on the west coast have legalized weed. If you are behind the times or live in a part of the nation that does not hear about cannabis all of the time, check out this video.

5. Confederacy

John addresses the importance of removing Confederate monuments that were put up long after the civil war. Fun fact: 38% of Americans think that the civil war was about slavery.

6. NRA

This episode debuted after the Orlando shooting in the Pulse nightclub. It's almost haunting to hear how familiar this is to the recent school shootings in the US.

7. Forensic science

I grew up watching "NCIS" and "Criminal Minds." I've met lots of students who wanted to become professional forensic evidence. In this episode, John talks about the "CSI effect" and the unreliability of forensic evidence.

8. North Korea

I took a semester-long course on North Korea. After spending weeks learning about the history of the region, I think that it is important for folks to learn about the conflict.

9. Alex Jones


In one of John's most popular episodes, he addresses Alex Jones of infowars.com. You can learn more about the charismatic man behind Infowars in this episode.

10. Sinclair Broadcast Group

As a communication major, I found this episode incredibly fascinating. Everyone should remain skeptical of all of their news sources.

11. Vaccines

This is so important! Learning about vaccines is important because many Americans have lost sight of why we need to vaccinate ourselves.

12. Ivanka & Jared

The most powerful part of this episode is some of the hilarious misconceptions about Ivanka Trump. Is she a liberal? Does she agree with her father? Who knows.

13. Putin

Putin is not an American but is definitely a household name. As we near the mid-term elections, it is important to be aware of his impacts on the US.

14. Third Parties

While this segment is a little out of date, it is thoroughly hilarious and the episode of "Last week tonight" that got me hooked.

15. Puerto Rico

The state of Puerto Rico's debt and the current state of recovery post-hurricane Maria is very poor. Learn more about the issues Puerto Rico and America are facing in this episode.