Glasses. Literally everyone wears them, but the lucky people that don't will never experience the issues of having glasses. While they are great because they make you see, they do come along with a lot of problems. Here are 20 struggles that only people who wear glasses understand.

1. Losing your glasses and needing your glasses to find them.

This happens to me all the time, but especially! I set my glasses on my nightstand, and they manage to fall into a hidden place and I can't find them because I can't see!

2. Weather.

Whenever you're walking in the rain, when you get to your destination or a dry place you have to dry your glasses. Can we just get windshield wipers on our glasses please and thank you?

3. Having to put goggles on top of your glasses.

In science classes we probably look ridiculous because, we have to put safety goggles on top of our glasses! I totally get it, eye protection but come on! Same thing with swim goggles. How can I swim?

4. Glasses always get dirty.

They always have a way of getting dirty, and you have to wipe until they're clean. Sometimes those stubborn spots take awhile to disappear.

5. People always want to try them on.

Once they try it on they say "Wow you're blind!" Really???

6. Trying to lay down is a task.

Trying to lay down without breaking your glasses is so hard!

7. You have to get so close to the mirror when you're doing your makeup.

Trying to do your makeup is so hard because you're literally a 1/2 inch away from the mirror. You can't see what you're doing either!

8. When your eye makeup is perfect but no one can notice behind your glasses.

It only took me 30 minutes to get these perfect wings and curl my eyelashes, but it goes unnoticed.

9. Money!!!!

Glasses are SO expensive which isn't right because, no one asked to have bad eyesight! You have to treat your million dollar glasses like a baby.

10. Sunglasses.

For many years I would just put sunglasses on when it was sunny, but be blind since I didn't have my actual glasses on. I bought prescription sunglasses last year and let me tell you, it was the best $300 I have ever spent!

11. When your glasses fog up.

All we want to do is eat or drink something hot but that's a challenge for us!

12. Always pushing your glasses up.

This is EXTREMELY annoying.

13. When people say you look better or different with or without glasses.

No I look the same thanks, and I can't take my glasses off because I can't see!

14. Shaving.

Such a dangerous task.

15. Picking out new glasses is so hard!

This decision is probably one of the hardest decisions we have to make.

16. Glare in pictures.

There's probably only a few pictures in which your glasses don't have a glare in them. A glare ruins the whole picture!

17. People that wear glasses for fun or fashion.

You're blessed with the gift of perfect eyesight, what conjures you to wear glasses anyway?

18. Getting called "Four eyes"

You have definitly been called this at some point in your life.

19. Amusement park ride.

Do I take my glasses off? Do I hold on to them tight? WHAT DO I DO?

20. Contacts aren't an option.

Some of us can't stick things into our eyes, so it's glasses until we die!