I Don't Wear Bras And I'm Not Sorry

I Don't Wear Bras And I'm Not Sorry

It's been a year since I've gone braless. Here's my story.

Most girls are told to begin wearing a bra in middle school, or even as early as elementary school, for the rest of their lives. I followed the social rule beginning in middle school up until last summer. Throughout those eight years, the thought of going out without a bra was gasp-worthy taboo to me.

But when I got to college, my roommate commented how she'd never met someone who hated wearing bras as much as I do, as she noticed the first thing I did when I returned to the dorm room was take off my bra.

Some may say I just wasn't wearing the right size or type of bra. But I tried everything from Maidenform to Aerie to Victoria's Secret, all with help from employees at the stores. I simply didn't like wearing a bra: it was uncomfortable.

I've always been self-conscious of my body, especially my breasts. I'll be the first to say they're small. I peaked at a 38 B cup. I used to hate how small my breasts are, but I've come to embrace them over my college career.

They turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because I can comfortably go bra-less without the back pain and other physical pains big-breasted girls may run into if they go bra-less for the day.

So if I am far more comfortable braless — because, let's face it, bras are uncomfortable a lot of the time — why should I feel pressured to wear one?

But I can see your nipples!

And my response to this is: so? Women's nipples are a necessary part of human life and reproduction (we're still not sure why men have nipples) because before mankind developed baby formula, breastfeeding was the only way mothers could feed their newborns.

And still society sexualizes breastfeeding, as women who do so in public can be harassed or even arrested. As long as a woman is showing off her breasts to serve men's sexual desires, it's acceptable.

But this is not why I don't wear a bra. I don't view my breasts as inherently sexual. No one bats an eye when a man is shirtless, especially in the summer. But I would be arrested for doing the same in public.

Nipples alone are definitely not inherently sexual. While one may argue that breasts are sexual body parts because larger breasts signal to potential mates that the woman is past puberty, and therefore able to carry children, and have room to carry a lot of breast milk for their offspring.

The reasons breasts are sexual, then, are simply biological. The same goes for a woman's hips and butt; the size indicates her body's healthy progression past puberty and her ability to get pregnant and carry a baby.

While humans are biologically geared towards reproduction, that's no excuse for any woman to be shamed for not wearing a bra. Wearing a bra often covers the nipples and distorts the natural shape of the breasts by supporting them or pushing them up. Without a bra, I openly and publicly risk anyone seeing my nipples through my shirt, as well as the natural shape of my breasts, unsupported by a ridiculously expensive bra.

And I'm not sorry.

I've realized the extent to which women's bodies are controlled by quite literally, man-made, social constructions, bras being just one of them. Other social constructions that control women's bodies include the social pressure to shave our bodies: armpits, upper and lower legs, and our private parts.

So I refuse to wear painfully uncomfortable, ridiculously overpriced, pieces of social construction meant to control women's bodies, when I am perfectly happy with the way my body is naturally.

Also, if you're not convinced: it's really hot in the summer. Going bra-less makes it so much cooler.

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15 Totally creepy things all girls do when stalking a boy

Honestly we could work for the FBI.


Ladies, we've all been there a time or two, whether we were stalking guy we liked or stalking a guy for a friend. That's just what girls do, we low-key stalk guys. It's in our DNA, sugar, spice and stalking. We are practically the FBI in training, so here are 15 creepy things all girls do when stalking a boy.

1. Make a fake profile and add him on all his social media.

You use a common name and a some random picture of a group of girls that you found on Tumblr for the profile picture.

2. Go through his following/followers and stalk their pages.

If they aren't private its fair game to see what he's commented on or liked, if they're private...well wait for the next point.

3. Have their friends follow the girls that are active on his profiles.

By active, I mean girls that are tagged in his pictures, girls that tag him in things, girls that comment on his posts, and girls that he's friends with.

4. Check to see who's pictures he's been liking and commenting on.

Instagram lets you see what your friends have liked, and you can go through peoples twitter likes.

5. Check his following/followers daily.

You have got to see if more girls have followed him or if he followed more girls.

6. Make fake Tinder profile to see if he's on there.

You can adjust the age and distance to help you find him faster.

7. Search his name on a people search website.

I'm not going to tell the name of the website I use, but they're out there and they work. They work so much that they tell you their address and any previous addresses they've lived at, family members, and any phone numbers that have been connected to them.

8. Drive by their house.

I mean you have their address so why not right? You get a friend and you do it either in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night, there's a less chance of being caught.

9. Call the numbers that the website said were connected to him.

Obviously use *67 and block your number.

10. Stalk his family members social media profiles.

You can learn a lot from what their family decides to share with the world, like I don't know, maybe that their church also does mass in Portuguese ;) and where their family members work.

11. Look up his house on Zillow.

Even if it's not for sale it'll come up, and you'll learn when it was last sold, for how much, how many rooms there are, if they have central air, heat and blah blah blah. But that might not give you 100% of the truth, it says my house is one floor when it's two plus a finished basement.

12. Check his Snapchat location.

Obviously on a fake Snapchat, and if he's at the club, girl you can show up looking hot.

13. Go to his job, or drive by it to see if he's there.

Depending on where he works you can go in. He works at the gym, boom get a membership. He has an office job, you can always drive by. Also, sidenote, you should know where he works because it's probably on his Facebook and Tinder.

14. Follow his friends on social media.

His friends will most likely post something like Instagram pictures or Snapchats of what they were doing.

15. Screenshot everything for the group chat.

Every girl has a group chat with a few close friends and of course you got them involved in your stalking, so you all have to discuss what you found out and what you think it means.

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