A Hashtag Isn't The Support Black Women Need

A Hashtag Isn't The Support Black Women Need

#Oprah2020 isn't going to get her the presidency

After the powerful speech Oprah gave at the Golden Globes, many were eager to take to Twitter to give her their support if she decided to run for President. But it's going to take more than #Oprah2020 to take back America from Trump's racist stronghold. And to be fully honest, I highly doubt our country is even ready for a female, black president.

If Hillary Clinton- an actual amazingly talented female politician with years of experience in the White House- couldn't even make it there, why does everyone suddenly have so much confidence that Oprah could accomplish that?

Make no mistake, if Oprah did decide to run I would sprint to the polls and vote for her in a heartbeat. But all I'm saying is that recklessly throwing your support to yet another entertainer (that doesn't even want to be in the White House, mind you) is not the best idea given what's happened since the last election.

If people are serious about supporting Oprah for President, those same people should be showing that same support to the everyday black women that have carried our country on their aching backs for centuries.

In the 2016 election, almost all black women voted for Hillary. 52% of white women voted for Trump. More than half of the white women in America chose to sacrifice their rights as women for the Republican candidate.

The exact same pattern unfolded during the Alabama Senate election. You know, the one where an actual pedophile tried to become a US senator? Yea, you remember. 98% of black women voted for Doug Jones, which very likely was the main cause behind his win. As for white women (surprise, surprise), 63% thought having a child molester in office instead was fine.

As we see, again and again, black women are the ones that can truly change our country for the better. So why aren't we providing them more opportunities to do that? If people really supported #Oprah2020, they would also be employing black women, electing other black women to office, actually listening to what black women say, supporting black women in film, business, fashion, etc. I could go on, but you get it.

The biggest hypocrisy of this whole ordeal is that Oprah has openly stated that she doesn't even want to run for office. But I'm sure people will continue to fawn over her, write in her as their vote and ultimately throw that vote away once more.

A hashtag does not mean anything in the long run. The only way to get women like Oprah Winfrey into office is to advocate and champion for those ordinary women like Oprah, who we see fighting every day.

Cover Image Credit: Joe Crimmings

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