I can't believe it's February already. Seems like January just flew by.

Usually, January is an exciting month for me. The New Year's smell, I don't know another way to describe it, is still fresh. I feel great and am actually doing things. February is usually my least favorite month. It's when my energy and motivation goes out the window and I start praying for warm weather.

However, this year has started off a little weird. In January, I hardly had energy. February, so far, has been great for me. I'm getting a lot done and feel great. Maybe it's because New Jersey is going through a rare warm patch this week, likely because of global warming, but that's not the point of this article. Maybe it's because I'm actually trying to get sleep, and it's working. Maybe because I might not be alone on Valentine's Day, or Anna Howard Shaw Day, this year. Keyword 'might,' and I will follow up on this.

Either way, it doesn't feel like February without me complaining about something, and I've spent way too long on my feelings instead of the topic in the headline.

So here is why Groundhog Day should not be a thing.

First of all, the idea is completely stupid. What is the point of taking a groundhog outside to see its shadow? Especially when you could determine this by looking down to see if you have a shadow, or looking up to see what the sky is like. Most holidays have significance, this one does not.

Second of all, it's a complete sham. They say if the groundhog sees his shadow "there will be more winter." But if he doesn't see his shadow "spring will come soon." Those sentences are the exact same thing. It's not like the New Jersey weather got warmer because Phil didn't see his shadow. It's likely because of global warming. Hell, it could get cold again in these next few weeks. Spring is still gonna start on March 22, and until then, the season is winter. Sure, Phil's predictions have been 80% accurate, but there are only two options to choose from. This is literally flipping a coin.

My point is, we don't need to make a huge deal out of Groundhog Day. There are other ways to predict the weather. The Weather Channel for example. Your local meteorologists. Looking at the weather app if you have an iPhone. Looking out the window. We don't need a holiday for this.