The relationship between dog and human is held together by a special bond of unconditional love. This connection is one that can only be understood by those involved and varies with each relationship. Dogs are a man's best friend. They are everything that people look for in a friend and more. Lucky for humans, we have the privilege of receiving all our dogs' love and affection, and hopefully every dog owner can strive to reciprocate our canines' devotion.

1. They're more selfless than we could ever be.

Dogs are the very definition of selfless. They love you with all their heart and you are their world.

2. They are the definition of loyalty. 

Loyalty is a trait that is sought out in friends, and one that is possessed and displayed by our furry friends.

3. They defend you no matter what. 

One of the most important qualities we look for in friends is someone who is capable of standing up for you and having your back no matter the circumstance. Dogs are always there to protect and look out for their owners no matter what.

4. They live by the contract of unconditional love. 

The relationship between a dog and human is quite literally the definition of unconditional love. They're the ones always by our side, waiting at the door when we get home, and keeping us company on the couch while watching your favorite movie.

5. They are mind readers. 

Dogs know us so well that they don't need to physically communicate with us to know when we're having a bad day. They sense sadness, fear, and happiness and tailor their actions to our needs. They're truly the best friend we can possibly have.

6. They are always happy to see you. 

Name one dog that isn't happy to see their owner when they get home or wake them up in the morning....I'll wait...