I don't know about anyone else, but when summer hits, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. No more stress, no more classes, no more to-dos. When summer hits, I also lose every sort of motivation and drive I would have had during the school year. I get one taste of a "care-free lifestyle" and I lose my grip on my motivation.

So, how do we get it back? This is something I have been struggling with the past few weeks. All I want to do I go on adventures, watch Netflix until 3:00 AM, and eat all the sweets. But, I have things to do, goals to accomplish, a life to live. How do I snap myself out of this haze and get back on track?

Here are a few tips I've found myself using over the past few days to find my motivation again. It isn't easy, but hopefully a few of these pointers will help you get up and after it.

1. Get out of the house.

It's as simple as that. There are some days where I'd find myself just giving myself excuses to stay in bed all day or just in my pajamas. If you have a bit of time during the day, get up and out. Go for a walk around the city and explore. Go to the gym. Go take a drive.

My personal favorite is when I have a day off, I'll get out of bed and get ready like I have somewhere to be. I'll hop on the train and go to a new coffee shop. I'll buy a coffee and sit there on my laptop for hours. This will just get you up and moving, and it also will force you to be around other people. Personally, when I'm in a coffee shop surrounded my other people doing work, I'm then motivated to get things done.

2. Make a vibin' Spotify playlist.

Music fuels the soul. Throw together a playlist of songs that scream "get sh*t done." Don't know where to begin? Check out some of Spotify's pre-made playlists. They never disappoint.

3. Set. Goals.

This is so important. One of my biggest struggles lately has been the fact that I've been waking up every morning and not having a purpose to each day. I haven't had a goal to reach. So, I sat down and named one fitness goal, one mental goal, and one financial goal for myself the reach by the end of the summer. Set a specific goal and an end date. It'll help you wake up every morning with passion, knowing you're working towards something.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

You are who you surround yourself with. I'm not saying to ditch everyone you know, but start surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that support you in going after your goals and push you on days that you're feelings lazy. Having those people there to motivate you make it a little easier.

5. Record your journey.

Making your journey public can easily keep you accountable. Create a blog, YouTube, or an Instagram. Join an Odyssey community! The opportunities are endless.

Whatever you do, just focus on you. Be happy, be positive, and stay motivated. You got this.