6 things students can do to make money

If you are in college, you are probably one, two, three, or all of four different things. Tired. Stressed. Unhealthy. Broke. I know I am.

There's not a lot of things you can do to change the first three things. Okay, maybe there is, but it's nearly impossible to completely get rid of those first three things.

The last thing is also difficult to get rid of, but not completely impossible. Being broke is simpler to fix than you think.

But you may ask, how can I get a job? I have a ton of classes? And to that I say, you don't need a job to make money.

Here's how college students can get un-broke.

1. Sell Textbooks


We aren't gonna use these things again! Especially if you didn't like the class anyway. Why keep a bad memory around?

2. Sell Other Things


AKA, what I do to make money. I sell things from my childhood that I don't need, like books and clothes.

3. Rent Textbooks Or Buy Used Ones


We don't need fancy textbooks, we just need functioning ones, and only for a certain period of time.

4. Save Spare Change


You'd be surprised how much change you can acquire, and how much it adds up to.

5. Be Cheap

This is what I do. Over this past year, I think I've only taken one hundred twenty dollars out of my bank account. Suffer through your school's nasty food instead of ordering late-night takeout. Stay in instead of taking an Uber off campus somewhere.

6. Drink More Water


Less money on beverages. Water fountains are free. But filters aren't.

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