10 Ways To So Organized That This Semester Won't Know What Hit It

I have always said that organization is my secret talent. Although for many people being organized is not something that comes easily. The idea of using sticky notes and color coding calendars is not everyone’s “ideal” pastime. So, have you been forgetting important dates or misplacing papers that you need? Then take a few moments to read this article to get ideas that can truly help you get organized.

1. Get yourself a calendar and write down important dates.

This way you can prevent those moments when realize you have a paper due at 12 and it is 10 pm.

2. Get rid of papers that you do not need in your folder, otherwise, it will grow into a monster.

You will also probably lose papers you need if your folder is packed.

3. If you take notes on your laptop, write down the date after you finish your notes for class.

So when your professor is feeling nice and says you can use your notes for the quiz. You won't have to spend 30 minutes trying to find the notes from that day to now.

4. Have you looked in your bag for a pen and basically had to empty out your entire bag this semester? Avoid this by taking a handful of pens and pencils and put them in a bag.

We live in 2018 where being retro is "cool", so go buy a pencil case and you can post it on social media.

5. Write down assignments in a notebook or type them on your phone.


6. If you use a 5-subject notebook, actually divide the notebook into the 5 sections.

Otherwise, you will be incredibly confused when one page is your economics notes and the other page is written in Italian.

7. Clean out your bag once in a while.

Otherwise, you will find that half of a sandwich you bought for $1 or that homework assignment that magically "disappeared".

8. Those sweatpants or leggings have become your best friend this semester.

But, why not show off your fabulous style by laying out your clothes the night before.

9. Buy a pack of post-its and use them when you study.

It will be incredibly helpful for when you are quickly looking over your materials and you want to see the important information.

10. If you have a ginormous reading assignment and have trouble remembering what you just read two minutes ago, try typing important facts or names.

Once you finished reading you will actually remember what you read. Plus you will have a review sheet for the next exam.

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