If you've ever tried and failed to keep up a daily journal where you write down each and every intimate thought you have, you're definitely not alone. These traditional daily journals can seem daunting with a daily demand for content, and to be honest can feel repetitive if you're the kind of person who has a usual routine.

Why, then, do we write journals? Personally, whenever I think of a journal or diary, I think of memories. Getting to go back in time and see my thoughts and what my life was like in the past, and having a record of things I definitely want to remember are all reasons I've attempted journaling in the past. I've always failed, though, until I came across a new way to think about it.

Creative journaling is a type of journaling that doesn't have to be done every single day, and there are countless ways to go about doing it. All you need is a blank notebook, a few scrapbooking supplies such as decorative tapes and stickers, and if you really want a scrapbook feeling, a method of printing out small pictures. If you're artistically inclined, you can also draw pictures, color things in, or anything else you can think of. There are very few rules other than to have fun!

The point of this type of journal is not necessarily to make entries every day, but make an entry every time something special or meaningful to you happens that you'd like to hold onto, or every time inspiration for a page strikes. If you take a trip, hang out with new friends somewhere, or start a new activity, these are all great examples of when to journal.

One of the first things you want to do is figure out what you want out of your journal. Do you want to write long entries about what's happening, take quick notes beside other mementos you've taped in, or find another way to visually represent what happened?

The first method is pretty easy. This is what is closest to a traditional journal or diary. Whenever you feel like writing, you can fill the pages with almost entirely your own writing, then go back after and decorate any blank spaces or borders with things like stickers, decorative tape, sticky notes, or anything else you can think of to put in. Spending time making the page look the way you want it will not only help your memories stay strong, but will leave you with a really pretty journal!

The next possible method is my personal favorite. It's a pretty even mix of writing and mixed media on a page. Say you go somewhere you've never been to before, and you get different pamphlets, notes, or even shopping tags while you're there. You could glue or tape in pieces of the flyers, pretty tags you found, and even pictures you might have taken into the journal. Around each memento, you can jot down the details of the day. Again, you're left with a visually interesting and memory-filled page.

The final way is for anyone who really likes drawing or doodling, and the journal would be more of a sketch journal. Any event you want to remember, you can draw out in any way that makes sense to you. A bit of scenery from the day, abstract representations, or even stick figures of yourself all make up a perfectly good way to make memories. Any medium you can think to put in such as marker or watercolor will also liven up the page with a bit of color.

These are just a few of the options available as well. Anything you can think of putting on a page is as good as the next! If you thrift and craft with clothing, bits of cloth on the page can serve as reminders of accomplishments. Pressing flowers or leaves is a classic. The only limit is what you can imagine.

So the next time you ever think of journaling or want a fun way to remember special events in your life, think about taking up creative journaling. And always remember; there is not pressure to create a perfect product. Just have fun with what you do and keep some special memories!