Picking a roommate is a very stressful time. You are looking for someone that has the specific qualities you want, but that person is so hard to find. And you never know if she will actually turn out to be who she sounds like behind her text messages to you. But, you may get lucky like I did.

My roommate is amazing, and I could not image going through college without her. Everyone always asks if we knew each other before coming to college because it is clear how close we are, but really we didn't. We see each other all the time, and not just in our room. We have so much in common, yet are so different from one another, that it ultimately creates the perfect match. I am so thankful for her and for how close we are.

Here are some ways to know if you and your roommate are the perfect match, like mine and me are.

1. You have every meal together, literally.

Whether you take the trip of campus to a nice meal, or eat at the nasty dining hall together, you are with her every time you eat.

2. You say goodnight to her every single night.

You have to fall asleep to her every night and wake up to her every morning.

3. You borrow each others clothes.

You never have the right top to go with that skirt you love. But, your roommate does. And you even wash it for her before you give it back.

4. You take the trash out together.

No one enjoys taking the trash out, so it's always nice having her with you. Especially considering the large amount you have to take out every time.

5. You straighten the back of her hair for her.

There is always at least one piece back there that you can not see. But, your roommate can, so she helps you out every time.

6. You gossip together.

From boy drama to sorority drama, theres always gossip to share. You can talk to her about any of it because you trust her with anything and everything.

7. She gives you the best advice.

She is able to tell you what to do in every situation, even when it is not what you want to hear.

8. You can have a night in together and still have a good time.

You grab some snacks, turn on a classic movie, and have as much fun as you would during a night out.

9. You can be yourself around each other.

No matter who you are or what mood you are in, you do not feel the need to be someone else to fit her approval. You can let your true colors shine, and so can she.

10. You joke around with each other.

Laughing is the best. My roommate is a very sarcastic person, which has now rubbed off on me. I can always count on a laugh when we are joking around with each other using sarcasm.

Lucky me, I get to live with her next year too!! I can't wait to make so many more memories together.