Creative Ways Millennials Can Earn Extra Money

Creative Ways Millennials Can Earn Extra Money

Clever Ways Millennials Can Get More Funds


Millennials endure a common misconception they are the "lazy" generation, due to their tendency to prolong the time needed to get a place of their own or conduct some milestone purchases such as buying a car. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. True, Millennials are used to career change more often than their parents, and they do procrastinate growing up in some respects, but this is also the generation which is always on the lookout for earning some extra cash. Luckily for Generation Y, today there are so many side hustles and part-time jobs that it's only too hard to opt for just one.

No matter how much time you (do not) have, we're giving you a list of interesting jobs which can greatly help you with your travel fund, student loan, rent, or just help you put some money on the side.


As it is expected, blogging is one of the most preferred, widely discussed and mocked ways of earning money. Still, if you're thinking you have to become a make-up artist or a fashion reviewer, you couldn't be more wrong. Your blog can be about whatever you want it to be: weapons, sports, gardening, high-tech gear... Make sure you write interesting texts (or hire someone to do it) and upload some eye-catching photos.

Local events photographer

Speaking of photography, if you have a good camera, put it to good use and earn some money in the process. You could cooperate with some local newspapers, or offer your photos on-line. There are plenty of websites which will pay you good money if your image is downloaded often enough, and it does not have to be about your hometown at all.

On-line trading

And now for something completely different, but perhaps the most lucrative. It may sound complicated, but actually a lot comes down to what kind of platform you are using. For instance, MT4 trading platform will provide you with all the information necessary and practical guides on how to make more cash. They have over 25 years of experience, so even though you're a newbie, they'll know how to teach you trading.

Uber driver

If you love your car and feel best when you're on the move, being a Uber driver is the perfect opportunity for you. Earn some money while driving around the town, and choose your own hours for it. You may meet some interesting successful people in this way, too.

Virtual assistant

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed with emails and call-me-asap messages. The key to any business is good organization, hence lots of businesspeople are looking for someone to bring order into their chaos, i.e. want someone to deal with certain errands daily.

Professional friend

It may sound odd if you're totally unfamiliar with the concept, but this is actually a pretty decent side hustle. Every good friend is a good listener, so as a professional, you'll have to excel at it, too. There are lots of travellers who are keen on some company while visiting your city, or sometimes you just need to make small talk to someone who is optimistic and friendly. If this sounds like you, you got the job!

Pet sitting

Looking after someone's pet can be one of the easiest part time jobs to take into consideration. Naturally, it depends on the animal in question. Either way, pet sitting is a great and fun way to earn money. This is one of the jobs which introverts will especially find enjoyable.

Thanks to Millennials' restless nature, there is a myriad of interesting occupations and part-time jobs waiting for you. Find something to your liking, and watch that extra

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Are Soulmates Real?

Is your perfect other half out there?


Lately, a question that has often plagued my mind is the concept of a soulmate. Is there a soulmate in the world for every individual? The idea of a soulmate is a fascinating thing. The dictionary defines a soulmate as "a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner." It's quite a phenomenon that in a world of seven billion people, one individual is your ideal counterpart. As I grow older, I observe my friends in long-term relationships and the feelings that they've developed as time has progressed. It's interesting that people my age have committed themselves to another individual devotedly for long periods of time. I often wonder if I'll encounter such a love anytime soon.

When friends talk about marrying their current lovers after college, I feel panicked and wonder if the clock to find your soulmate has already begun ticking and I'm moving at a pace far too slow. It's good to believe in soulmates because it gives hope to people. If I believe that I have a soulmate in this world, I can live believing that someday everything will fall into place and my perfect partner will stumble into my life. Sometimes I wonder how love even works because it's crazy that two individuals just happened to both like each other and decided to see where this initial liking could take them. Often though, many people experience one-sided loves and it makes you wonder if you're doing something wrong compared to people who have coupled up. I'd ideally like to chalk up unrequited loves and romantic mishaps to the existence of soulmates. I tell myself that things didn't work out because it wasn't meant to be. I often glaze over the mishaps afterward and wonder why it didn't work out. I'm a dreamer and I'll paint these picture-perfect love stories in my mind which left me disappointed. However, living with the hope that soulmates exist helps.

Do soulmates exist in this world? Maybe all my mishaps and one-sided loves are the result of the world telling me it was not meant to be. The idea of soulmates gives me hope that one day, everything will work out in the end.

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How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time. Every now and then there is a stressful situation causing us to feel worry and restlessness. The only problem is, people suffering from anxiety only know the feeling too well since it has become too frequent in their lives, and it can amount to a panic attack. Even worse, anxiety often leads to depression, and it is extremely difficult to deal with these conditions. However, it is not impossible. Here is what you need to implement if you begin to feel/are feeling anxious or depressed, and you have started to notice the unpleasant emotions are appearing more and more often.

Develop a habit

While there is a plethora of tips about what needs to be done when you have an anxiety attack, the tricks often don't seem to work. Why? Because you haven't created a habit of calming yourself down in that way. If you wish for any strategy to work, you have to train your body and your mind into accepting it. The more you practice, the quicker the peace and relaxation come.

Decide on a technique and start applying it. You can choose deep breathing, meditation, taking yoga or tai chi lessons – whichever appeals to you and suits your current situation. Even going to a spa center is a strategy. The point is to dedicate enough of your precious time to your health, and to do it regularly.

Get healthy

Some of the disorders can be inherited, but we are definitely stronger and less prone to them if we keep ourselves in good shape. It's only too easy to become anxious or feel down if you are physically and mentally exhausted.

For this reason, take good care of your body. Eat healthily and regularly. Opt for foods that will keep you full for longer, and avoid immediate sugar boosters, which cause a sudden energy drop afterwards. Make sure you get enough sleep every single night, and do exercise regularly.

Use natural remedies

Along with changing your diet, try to use natural remedies which have long been known for their calming effects: Chamomile, Rhodiola, Valerian root, Lavender, saffron…Recent research has shown that using the best CBD oil for anxiety is extremely recommendable, too, but you should always consult your doctor first.

Spend time with friends and family

As a species, we are social beings, and you have to embrace this fact. In short, it means that we are in need of each other's company, and we feel bad if we don't spend enough quality time with our loved ones. Always make some time for a friendly chat, as this should help you feel better.

Go to parks

Or any other area with plenty of greenery. You don't have to be a fan of camping so as to feel the benefits of spending some time in nature. Like it or not, but nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies, so dedicate some time to going for a walk in the nearby park or a forest, but stay safe.

Change your focus

This is another technique that needs practicing, and it's not just about changing what you are thinking about. You have to train yourself to change the emotions the moment you start thinking about something nice and pleasant.

Get professional help

Most importantly, do not delay seeking professional advice if you notice any of the symptoms. Anxiety and depression are health issues, and you should treat them as such. If you had high temperature, for example, you would visit a doctor. It is the same way with mental health – don't neglect the symptoms.

To sum up, ask yourself one question: are you really doing everything in your power to overcome the conditions? Start applying the advice we have compiled for you, and the results should start showing after a while.

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