Ways Millennials Can Earn Extra Money

Creative Ways Millennials Can Earn Extra Money

Clever Ways Millennials Can Get More Funds


Millennials endure a common misconception they are the "lazy" generation, due to their tendency to prolong the time needed to get a place of their own or conduct some milestone purchases such as buying a car. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. True, Millennials are used to career change more often than their parents, and they do procrastinate growing up in some respects, but this is also the generation which is always on the lookout for earning some extra cash. Luckily for Generation Y, today there are so many side hustles and part-time jobs that it's only too hard to opt for just one.

No matter how much time you (do not) have, we're giving you a list of interesting jobs which can greatly help you with your travel fund, student loan, rent, or just help you put some money on the side.


As it is expected, blogging is one of the most preferred, widely discussed and mocked ways of earning money. Still, if you're thinking you have to become a make-up artist or a fashion reviewer, you couldn't be more wrong. Your blog can be about whatever you want it to be: weapons, sports, gardening, high-tech gear... Make sure you write interesting texts (or hire someone to do it) and upload some eye-catching photos.

Local events photographer

Speaking of photography, if you have a good camera, put it to good use and earn some money in the process. You could cooperate with some local newspapers, or offer your photos on-line. There are plenty of websites which will pay you good money if your image is downloaded often enough, and it does not have to be about your hometown at all.

On-line trading

And now for something completely different, but perhaps the most lucrative. It may sound complicated, but actually a lot comes down to what kind of platform you are using. For instance, MT4 trading platform will provide you with all the information necessary and practical guides on how to make more cash. They have over 25 years of experience, so even though you're a newbie, they'll know how to teach you trading.

Uber driver

If you love your car and feel best when you're on the move, being a Uber driver is the perfect opportunity for you. Earn some money while driving around the town, and choose your own hours for it. You may meet some interesting successful people in this way, too.

Virtual assistant

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed with emails and call-me-asap messages. The key to any business is good organization, hence lots of businesspeople are looking for someone to bring order into their chaos, i.e. want someone to deal with certain errands daily.

Professional friend

It may sound odd if you're totally unfamiliar with the concept, but this is actually a pretty decent side hustle. Every good friend is a good listener, so as a professional, you'll have to excel at it, too. There are lots of travellers who are keen on some company while visiting your city, or sometimes you just need to make small talk to someone who is optimistic and friendly. If this sounds like you, you got the job!

Pet sitting

Looking after someone's pet can be one of the easiest part time jobs to take into consideration. Naturally, it depends on the animal in question. Either way, pet sitting is a great and fun way to earn money. This is one of the jobs which introverts will especially find enjoyable.

Thanks to Millennials' restless nature, there is a myriad of interesting occupations and part-time jobs waiting for you. Find something to your liking, and watch that extra

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To The Soon-To-Be College Freshman Who Think They'll Keep Their High School Friends, Know This

You will maybe talk to 10 people back from your high school while your in college.


I know what you are thinking "Of course I am going to still talk to all my high school friends once we graduate." "You just didn't keep up with your friends." "I am going to talk to them every day."

Of course, you may be the lucky ones that go on to the same college and university, but if you follow your best friend to college then have you ever thought to yourself. "Did I choose my school based on if my friend(s) would go to college together." Obviously, it could be coincidental that you end up in the same place, but my argument is more on the idea of having friends that go to the same college on your list of important things once you move away.

Now if you are still reading and still in denial with what I am saying then continue.

Since moving away from home I have broadened my horizons and met more people then I could ever have imagined. I have met people that if I have not kept an open mind to them I would not be friends with them now. You will most likely choose the same type of friends that you had in high school if you do not keep an open mind when finding friends in college.

You also do not want to be that person who refuses to make other friends besides their high school friends. I hate to break it to you, but your high school friends will find other friends beside you when they leave for college/university. This time in your life is supposed to be "a new chapter" if you do not branch out of your comfort zone then you will be stuck in a little bubble for the rest of your life.

Not only will your friends in your high school class be making friends, but you need to make friends that are in the same stage of life that you are also in. Still talking to high school aged friends will limit you from conversations due to distance, lack of relevance, and just not going through the same stuff as you.

Sounds daunting? I know.

I am not saying that you can not be friends still with your high school friends. From time to time I catch up with mine to see how the school is going for them, and how they are doing, but I am building and forming relationships with my friends at college because you have had to start up from ground zero, and will be forming a foundation until we graduate.

Even when you have broken it is nice to hang out with your high school friends and talk about the good old days. My point to you is to keep an open mind and to not get upset when high school friends have moved on and found their new friends from school just like you.

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How to Prepare an Enjoyable First RV Road Trip


You felt excited when you bought your recreational vehicle, and now the thrill is even bigger since you are finally going to embark on your very first road trip with it. This vacation is going to be different from everything you have done so far. As it is the case with all firsts, there is a fair chance to overlook some important details, so here is a list of all the things you should check and do prior to setting off on your big adventure.

Take it for a test drive

Surely you have already done this before the purchase, but you could definitely make use of a few more hours behind the wheel. Since this is your first RV, it takes some time to get used to switching lanes, or driving it uphill and downhill. You'll also never forget to secure the drawers if you see anything flying out of them during a sudden turn.

Check the weather

It almost goes without saying, but make sure you always look for the forecast for a longer period than the length of your trip. Experiencing a storm in the middle of your journey is going to make it memorable, though not in a good way. Also, bad weather increases chances of accidents.

Check the paperwork

In short, collect all the necessary documentation. You should have your credit cards, cash, ownership documents, a map (in addition to the GPS device), and emergency telephone numbers. Furthermore, you never know what can happen on the road, so it's highly recommendable you get some kind of insurance, such as Good Sam Extended Warranty Protection, since this type of mechanical breakdown insurance comes with quite a few benefits.

Make a plan

Even though exploring the great outdoors with an RV seems to be a personification of spontaneity, you still need to have some fixed points, especially if you have small kids on board. Campgrounds get booked sooner than you think, so you had better do that on time. They are very convenient because you can find the necessary RV hook ups there, as well as other facilities. Don't take this for granted, though – always ask for details about their electrical, water, and sewage hookups.
As for the Wi-Fi, don't always count on it. Some campsites can be so crowded that it's almost impossible to get a good connection.

Glorious food

Surely you have in mind what groceries and snacks you're going to bring, but is your fridge in order? Turn it on 12 hours before you set off to check it's working properly. In order to cook food, you'll need pots, pans and dishes, too.

Ways to have fun

To make the trip truly enjoyable, think of different ways to entertain yourselves both indoors and outdoors. Bring cards, board games, or tablets. Kids can do some projects or some coloring activities. To really make the most of your vacation, do some research on what is going on in the area you are traveling to. Perhaps there is a festival, a funfair, or some interesting landmarks to be visited. Camping and time in a campsite needn't be the only highlights of your trip.

Necessities and extras

We have already mentioned some documents, but here is what else should be checked off the list.

A Swiss army knife, flashlights and a complete first aid kit are a must. You should also bring some medications just in case, as well as an insect repellent (there probably won't be a pharmacy around the corner when you need one). Toiletries are on the list, too.

RVs are quite spacious, so you can definitely bring your bikes, sleeping bags, hiking boots, as well as pillows for ultimate comfort. You needn't pack lightly when it comes to clothes either, but bear in mind the weather forecast.

So, you can finally get a taste of adventure and satisfy your inner nomad! Prepare well, and you will fully enjoy the whole experience.

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