Four Ways To Live Your Best Frugal Life

Four Ways To Live Your Best Frugal Life

Adapting business tactics to your personal finances.

I take pride in my pursuit of a business degree. Trudging through hours of coursework relating to accounting principles, marketing strategy, economic theory, and other “businessy” topics, my perspective on personal finances has changed. When grocery shopping, I’ll think well, what’s the ROI, return on investment?

When walking to class, I’ll remember that assets equals liabilities plus owner’s equity. So perhaps one day I’ll run a corporation.

I find myself business minded now, which coupled with my love for travel, causes me to live frugally. Living on a budget doesn’t have to feel suffocating. Your bank account and credit card aren’t chained to a fence in prison.

Instead, it should feel empowering to live economically, because you have the ability to be picky about where you invest your hard earned cash. Here are four tips to live your best frugal life.

1. Grocery shop for what you really like.

I like oatmeal and peanut butter. I like eggs and bacon. And I love avocado toast but my grocery bills aren't extravagant at all. Instead, I can get by with spending fifty dollars for a week on groceries by just getting what I like. I don’t buy unnecessary items that end up sitting in my freezer for months nor do I buy colorful vegetables that end up rotting. Grocery shopping is cheaper than eating out for every meal, so if you just buy what you like to eat, the essentials, you save more money than you think.

2. Be aware of your “free cash flow.”

This is a term in accounting used to measure a company’s ability to earn a profit. Just subtract capital expenditures from cash earned from operations and there it is.

But I know, that’s complicated if you have never taken a class in accounting. In regards to you and your life, be aware of the amount of money coming in and the amount of money going out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Payday might be on Friday but, your bank account isn't locked until then.

You aren’t limited to making payments only on Fridays. Be aware of what’s coming in every two weeks and the set payments that will be going out. Car payments, rent, utilities, gas, and groceries are non-negotiable. Daily expenditures like Starbucks actually do add up.

3. Know why you’re doing it.

During my study abroad trip in China, I diligently kept track of each kuai and yuan in order to see if I could afford the trip up north to Beijing. I ended up not being able to go, so I came back home and made new goals. I’m going to work hard, save money, and travel next summer in China.

The experience of traveling for two months abroad made me reconsider what I wanted for myself in the future. When I’m in the middle of a grueling shift with testy customers, I just keep my goals in mind. Every minute I’m a dime and a nickel closer to affording the next trip.

4. Save small.

I opened a savings account when I got my first paycheck. I began by putting thirty percent of my paycheck into the account.

But then I began playing a little game with myself.

If I stopped myself from committing an impulsive purchase, then I would transfer between three and five dollars into my savings account. Small amounts compiled together someday become big amounts. Sooner or later your nest egg will become a whole chicken coop.

Every time I drop a penny into the teacup on my desk I feel like Michelle Tanner shaking her piggy bank. Saving money is addictive and fun. It makes you proud when you know that you're doing something that will benefit yourself in the future.

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15 Unconventional Ways To Make $1 Million As A Millennial

7. Get a sugar daddy.


Stressed about money? Tired of being told it's just coz you're a lazy millennial? Have no fear! Follow any one of these fifteen tips to be rolling in millions in no time.

1. Pick the right major.

If it's a field people want to go into, it's probably the wrong one. Don't you dare work with kids or old people or charities. Only science and math for you.

2. Invest early.

It's all about starting early. The difference between investing at 25 and at 30 is a million dollars. If you don't have the money to invest now--you'll be poor forever. But if you start when you're born you can be a millionaire by the time you graduate. Nothing to it.

3. Don't go into debt.

It doesn't matter that in the '70s a minimum wage summer job could pay for university and today Visa and McDonald's estimate that to afford to live on your own, all it takes is two full-time jobs and a willingness to not budget anything for health insurance, fuel or maintenance for your car, or groceries. NBD. All this whining about college tuition on top of living expenses? Everyone knows millennials are lazy. Just get a fourth job already for tuition. God gave everyone the same 24 hours.

4. Stop buying Starbucks.

The only obstacle between you and your six-figure-income is your $5 daily coffee habit. See, if you drink no Starbucks and commit to morning misery for the next sixty years, you can retire with a million dollars.

5. Get a side hustle.

Work a side job for an extra 20 hrs/ week. Just think. If you work an extra 20 hours a week at $15/hr, ignore taxes, and only put 10hrs of your extra income towards all the bills your 40hr/week job doesn't cover, that leaves you $150 extra income a week. That's $7,800 a year. Make sure you don't get sick or buy a house or have your car break down and in 128 years you'll be a millionaire.

6. Just ask for it.

Like this guy.

7. Get a sugar daddy.

This is easier than you'd think. I personally know several sugar babies, and according to the premiere site for sugar arrangements, there are handsome sugar daddies out there just aching to drip you in jewelry and pay you $2,800/month for tuition, compromising of morals encouraged but not required.

8. Marry rich!

Harder than finding a sugar daddy, but (presumably) more legal than some of the following options.

9. Commit check fraud.

it worked out for Frank. Till he went to jail.

10. Be an Uber driver in NYC.

All it takes is making sure you have $0.00 in expenses and in 10yrs you'll be a millionaire.

11. Rob banks.

Robin Hood had it easy. But thanks to all the films and TV series that showcase crime, we can all be experts at heists.

12. Have your child review toys on YouTube.

This kid made 11 million when he was 7. No kid? No problem. Find a baby daddy, have a cute kid, and put the kiddie's nose to the grindstone. Bam. 11million in under 8 years.

13. Sell your organs on the black market.

Did you know that theoretically your body is worth up to $45 million? You have to sell every drop of it, but living in the lap of luxury till your body goes into renal failure is worth it. It's not a dumb way to die if you get buried in a gold casket, amiright?

14. Win the lottery. 

Your odds could be as close as 1 in 13,983,816. According to the National Weather Service, you're 20,000 times more likely to be hit by lightning than win the Mega Millions—if you bought a ticket each week, you could win once every 269,000 years. But someone's gotta win it. Might as well be you.

15. Overthrow the government and re-haul our failing economic system.

Good luck.

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