10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Day If You're Not A Morning Person
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10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Day Especially When The Snooze Button Sounds Like A Great Idea

You can do it, sleepy head.



1. Give yourself ten minutes to sit down and enjoy your coffee.


Just ten! It will allow you to relax before you take on your day.

2. Wake up and journal


Routine is always good, and it's something to look forward to. Reflecting is a great stress reliever especially when you run a busy lifestyle.

3. Take your pooch for a walk!


If you have a dog, let that be your morning "thing." It'll make you feel good, and you'll get some exercise in.

4. Give yourself enough time to watch one episode of your favorite show.


As opposed to watching tv right before you go to bed, allow yourself to have something to look forward to in the morning.

5. Prioritize your breakfast food.


Buy your favorite foods for breakfast time! Whether it be your favorite smoothie ingredients, eggs and bacon, and or even cereal, it's important to fuel yourself in the morning- so why not stock up on your favorites?

6. Find a morning buddy.


Whether it be your roommate or your neighbor, go for a quick jog or a walk around town to help you wake up. Or have a weekly breakfast date! Having a partner will keep you motivated.

7. DON'T set tons of alarms.


You will only become irritated by the sound and hit snooze. Better yet- place your alarm clock far enough away from you so you must physically get out of bed to turn it off.

8. Shower in the am.


It sounds silly, but a morning shower, as opposed to a night time shower, will help you get moving. It forces you to wake up a little earlier to give yourself enough time to get ready.

9. Make a morning playlist.


It's easy- pick a bunch of songs that help you get pumped up and listen to them in the morning. Music is therapeutic; it's bound to get you movin' in the am.

10. Make a to-do list.


You'll never regret making a list of goals, or to-do's in the morning. It will help you prioritize your tasks and get things done.

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