7 Things Cornell Makes You Hate

I love Cornell. Since I've arrived, I have encountered so many life-changing experiences and have made life-changing friends. But there are a few things that being a Cornell student can make you tired of--here are some of them.

1. Waffles/Pancakes

This used to be the best treat as a kid. Now it's what I eat at the dining hall almost 4 times a week when nothing else looks appealing.

2. Baseball caps

Why does everyone wear these indoors?!?

3. Coffee

When it's available at every corner coffee is one of my most easily accessible things in Cornell. Going to Starbucks will never be exciting again.

4. Canada Goose

These are about as common as backpacks.

5. Walking

I never realized how fast I started walking until I got home where everyone walks so slowly in comparison! When everything is so far away, speed walking becomes a habit.

6. Paraphernalia

Cornell students love flaunting their home. Wether it's Cornell, a fraternity, sorority, or almost anything else.

7. Libraries

As a Cornell student, there will inevitably be many times where camping out at the library is the only way to finish your work. No wonder it's so hard to find seats!

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