Life is a racing moment, a fleeting compilation of memories, a collection of intersecting monologues. Life is a hustle, a problem, a solution. Life is relative; some see life as a mere fact of existence where as others see it as an opportunity. In the sound-bite society we live in, it is far too easy to lose sight of the truth and beauty we quickly hand over in exchange for entertainment or apathy. Furthermore, as we get older, things that once sparkled and shone in wonder now have a dull ring to them, almost as though there is an echo of the joy that once existed but is now too quiet to hear.

Life is hard and then you die. This is what we hear.

Remember when it wasn’t that way?

Remember when life was full of wonder?

Remember when life could be overflowing with simple perfections?

Whenever a plane would fly overhead when I was young, my mom would always stop whatever we were playing or doing outside and say, “Don’t forget to wave at the planes!”So, I would wave.

Today, I find myself oftentimes too preoccupied to take a breath and enjoy the little things, and I know many of you struggle with the same.

Here are some thoughts on that.

On the warm, sunny days, drive with the windows down. There’s a certain beauty to trading sleek hair for wind and the feeling of freedom.

Go get yourself some flowers. It’s nice having little rays of sunshine in your room.

Sacrifice some time and go on a drive on backroads. Find a bridge, field, or spot you can make your own.

Never pass up a chance to see a sunset. You only get so many of them.

Write a letter. It doesn’t have to be much, or it can be a lot. 26 letters packed into some words and written on a notecard can change someone’s life.

Eat a donut. Or a slice of pie. Sometimes joy comes in bite-sized bundles.

Go for a walk or run…outside.

For that matter, just go outside. Where there are trees. Or grass. Or rocks. Or water. Or dirt. Rejoice in what surrounds you.

Wear sunscreen. The sun is a joyous thing, but sometimes it has a desire to turn you a nice shade of tomato.

Stop and ponder the paths of the souls that surround you. Everyone has a destination, everyone has been broken, and everyone has a story.

Even more, talk to some strangers today. Listen to their story. You never know what they have lived or are living through. We often underestimate the wisdom and ingenuity that our fellow humans posses.

Read a book – an old book. A classic. An unknown. A novel. Find a story and let it speak to you.

Whenever you see a little kid who is living life with such joy and enthusiasm, take notes. There is a difference between being childish and childlike; strive for childlike tendencies. There’s nothing wrong with finding wonder in little instances, whether those be jumping in puddles, cloud gazing (and finding shapes of course), chasing bubbles, or building pillow forts.

Life is overflowing with beautiful, impeccable instances and fleeting moments chalked full of lessons and love. Remember to embrace simplicity, grasp firmly onto childlike wonder, and rejoice in the monumental little moments. And every now and then, look to the sky, take a deep breath, and wave at the airplanes.