The Bachelor is a very controversial television show. On the one side, you have the women loving every second of each episode and scream at the tv, "NOOO, don't kiss her." On the other hand, you have women who refuse to watch it and call it "a waste of time".

Well, I'm here to tell you that you should be watching it. I do agree that some seasons are a bit too theatrical or don't have many good cast members. This season, however, is one for the books of Bachelor history. It's just all around very amusing. Below is five reasons why you should be watching Arie's season if you aren't already.


Okay. This reason should be enough to sway you over to the Bachelor fandom. Arie is all-around a perfect guy. He is handsome, intelligent, smart, hardworking, adventurous, successful, and a family man. What more could you ask for?

2. The girls in the house are all friends (for the most part)

This season is very different from other seasons. Overall, there is one common enemy that the girls have. Besides that, all of them are very civil and seem to have genuine friendships in the house. It's great to see #girlpower

3. The vacations

It seems as though the vacations this season are the best yet. Califonia, Lake Tahoe, France, Italy, Florida, and Peru.

4. The cast is unpredictable

Normally, there are standout girls that you assume will make it to the final three. This season is very unpredictable and there seems to be at least 10 girls that Arie really likes and has a connection with.

5. The drama

This season there is one common enemy. It is very entertaining to see all the girls distance themselves from the crazy one. There has also been a lot of diary room confessions that will be interesting to see later when the Woman Tell All, on finale night.

You should start watching this season before you get a spoiler alert and it's too late to catch up.