While I was sick recently, I was flipping through different channels when I pondered upon "Pioneer Woman."

I have heard of "Pioneer Woman" before and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if I have followed one of her recipes before, but I've never really spent a lot of time thinking about Pioneer Woman.

After spending the day binge-watching "Pioneer Woman's" cooking television show, I have contacted many of my friends asking if they have done the same.

And they have. It's sort of like how you start watching HGTV in your free time. You can't really explain how you get to the point in your life where this is your life now, but it is.

And all of my friends and I have happened to have the same general thoughts while watching her show...

1. Am I sure I want to watch this?

2. She's cooking a lot of food for a family dinner. My family dinners were not like this.

3. Wait, why are we starting with dessert?

4. I think I could make this.

5. I don't think I have the equipment to do this.

6. Where do you buy a floral Kitchen-Aid?

7. Okay, I Googled it. I don't know think you can buy a floral Kitchen-Aid.

8. Now I'm kind of mad. I want a floral Kitchen-Aid. How do I get a floral Kitchen-Aid?

9. Wait. We stopped cooking. Who are these children? Why are we learning so much about them?

10. Oh, we're back to cooking. Okay. Cool.

11. Does she have a NEW Kitchen-Aid? How many does she have?

12. I could totally make this.

13. Man, I could totally be this person who makes really amazing dinners for her friends and family. This doesn't look that hard.

14. Oh, the kids are back. 'Sup kids? Your mom is cooking dinner for you and it's taking her all day. I would show some appreciation.

15. She's said this is her favorite recipe for every dish she's making. As if she would say "I don't really like this potato salad recipe, but let's do it anyways!"

16. Okay, I don't watch this show that much but I swear I've seen her make fried chicken six times.

17. I feel like this is a lot of work. I'm tired watching this.

18. Wait, we're back on the dessert? I thought we finished it. There were more steps?

19. Does she have a cookbook? Do I need it?

20. How long did this dinner actually take?

21. I'm bored yet entertained at the same time.

22. My friends want to go out to dinner tonight, but I feel like I can cook it. I think I can be Pioneer Woman.

23. I'm lost. How did she make that side dish so fast? It took us forever to make the dessert but we can make side dishes in a few seconds?

24. The kids are back. What happened to the dinner we had in the oven? I was told not to leave food unattended.

25. Okay, I take it back. I don't think I can be the person who spends the whole day on family dinner. I'm tired. And hungry.