Watching high school graduation as a college student can only be summed up in one word: bizarre. It feels like a century ago you were in their shoes, sitting where they sit now in the distinctive cap and gown commemorating their accomplishments, when in reality it's only been a few years. High school seems like a distant memory as you watch them walk across the stage and begin the next stage of their lives. Here's 22 thoughts that go through your head as you watch your high school friends graduate:

1. They can't be graduating already, they're still babies in my mind.

2. I remember how painfully hot wearing that gown in the sun was.

3. Trying to keep that cap on my head was a nightmare.

4. Why does graduation take forever.

5. I can't believe I only graduated a couple of years ago.

6. Even though it's been years, I can still remember how scared I was thinking about going to college and being on my own.

7. And I know they're feeling the exact same way I did while I sat there waiting for my name to be called.

8. In a few years they'll be sitting where I am now wondering how it's been so long since they graduated.

9. Why am I so emotional right now?


11. Only 20 more people until their name is called.

12. Was it this hot when I graduated?

13. Walking through the grass in heels was torture; I don't know how they're managing.

14. It feels weird to be sitting here watching when it seems like yesterday I was the one sitting on the field.

15. Even though they're scared I know they're going to love college.

16. Oh they're next!!!

17. OMG they're really graduating!!!

18. I can barely remember what being in high school felt like.

19. It's over, they did it.

20. I haven't seen half of these people since I graduated.

21. And in a couple years they're going to forget half the people they went to high school with like I have.

22. I'm so excited for them.