"The Handmaid's Tale" is a series on Hulu that is based on the novel written by Margaret Atwood. It's somewhat difficult to explain the plot of this tragic but enticing series in a short amount of words but I'll do my best.

Fundamentalists who follow a Christian Reconstructionism religion overthrow Congress and basically all government in the US. The new rule completely stripped women of all of their rights. Which include having a job, reading, and so on. This new rule follows a messed up Old- Testament inspired way of living. And fertility is the commodity.

The story is told a lot through first-person following June or as she is known in this case, Offred. Which means "Of Fred" Fred being the commander she is to get pregnant with. Yes I did say that. Based on social class women are segregated. And when a fertile woman is to be a handmaid they are sent to a high-class family where they are to bear the families children.

It's messed up. Which leads me to the ten thoughts I had while watching this series.

1. "Wait I'm confused, why are they running?"

2. "Why are these women being called sluts?"

3. (Watching the first 'ceremony') "WHAT THE HECK AM I WATCHING?" Literally almost stopped watching at that point.

4. "I'm torn...Am I supposed to pity Serena or loathe her?"

5. (Whenever they quote the Old Testament) "That is WAY out of context! UH UH, NO WAY! Y'ALL FREAKING NEED JESUS!"

6. (Watching Janine give birth to her commanders baby which is then directly taken away from her and put into the arms of her commander's wife) "Ok, I'm crying. A lot. Also, how is the wife like connected physically to Janine's pain?"

7. "DANG this is definitely not Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...But Alexis Bledel is a freaking boss!"

8. (Finding out June's husband is alive) "HOLY SMOKES THANK GOODNESS something actually happy in this show!"

9. "Why do they have to make every intense moment slow motion?"

10. "I wonder how many people have almost vomited watching June cut off a piece of her ear..."

The Handmaid's Tale is one that is hard to watch but if you can handle it, you won't want to stop. There are definitely hard parts to watch. I even closed my eyes for some parts. But, there are also moments of empowerment. You feel this lingering sense of tragedy and doom. But you internally feel empowered whenever the handmaids rebel slightly, but you also know judgment is on the way.

You probably have even more thoughts while you watch this series and maybe you're one of the devoted fans that have actually read the book. Perhaps you can relate to my initial reactions as I am currently watching season 2.

I almost don't want to encourage people to watch it because it is a heavy show that takes your mood down, but I have to have SOMEBODY to freak out with!

The Handmaid's Tale is deserving of the awards they have received. The novel is crazy and thought out. It touches on so many areas of race, sexuality, homosexuality, class, and so much more, but it is not for the faint of heart.