Throughout the many series of American Horror Story, they have been filled with unimaginable horrors, but this is the first year, that the creator, Ryan Murphey, has accurately and creatively produced a true American horror story. The divisions between the two social characteristics, the horrible and telling phobias of the main character— that inspire a feeling of childhood torment in us all— and the overall horror effect that encompasses the entire season so far, has sincerely inflicted a sensation of justified— sometimes uncomfortable— feelings that all individuals love to feel.

This year’s season, American Horror Story: Cult, incorporates real-life events that have been going on in the world and use them to build the base of the cult affiliations. The political events, including the election of Donald Trump, is used as the jumping off point for the whole season, as well as the events and issues that are dealt with within the show’s plotline. The fear from the election results, trigger the forgotten phobias of the main character, Ally Mayfair-Richards, as well as establishing the creation of the secondary characters, Kai Anderson’s organization of belittled and troubled individuals.

Throughout the season so far, there have been uncomfortable, and somewhat disturbing scenes — comprising of a gore-entitled attic scene, a physiologically terrorizing grocery store incident, and multiples of blood-splattered views that inflict nightmares of ecstasy. The use of these disturbing’s is, yes… somewhat dramatic, but are necessary to truly bring across the main theme, and the reason for this season — to demonstrate the problems with organized groupings, and fear-induced tactics that inflict and prompt erratic, and overwhelmingly obscene factions, and yes, sometimes dictated cults with inferior motives.

So far, in the season, each episode has brought a new theme and characteristic that added more shock moments, and depth resulting in a twisted plotline that is abnormally, but surprisingly and joyfully satisfactory. As the show goes on we become more invested and more attached to the characters, every ending leaves us itching for more.

Based off of what we’ve seen so far there could be two possible endings. One, being that Kai achieves his goal at achieving power and becoming an outstanding figure in the political and overall social aspect. And the other, that Ally will figure out a way to break down the cult, and that the goals that Kai and his followers possess, will be depreciated in grand value.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of American Horror Story. With every episode, I have fully been contempt and pleased with a sense of totality. I will irrevocably make my prediction that, this is, and will be the best season of American Horror Story thus far, that Ryan Murphey has ever created, developed, and produced. And, that the superstition that, the number seven is lucky, will inclusively and thoroughly be factual, and depicted as a proclamation for future political and social standings.