I Was In Love With The Old You

I was in love with the old you. The old you who texted every morning and night, no matter if you were mad at me or not. The old you who would do anything in your power to make me happy. The old you who I could come to for comfort when I had a bad day. The old you who actually wanted to be in my life. But, these things no longer happen because you are no longer that person.

I do find myself missing you and wanting you to be back in my life. I wonder if you'll ever be that person I fell in love with, again. And I wonder if you're ever coming back.

But, do I really want you back? Or do I want who you used to be?

I have to constantly remind myself that I miss the old you, not the you that you've become. I miss our sweet conversations we use to have, not the short ones we have, now. I miss when you wanted to see me every minute of every day; but, I haven't seen you in weeks.

I now understand that feelings fade and people change. It does happen. But, I can't change the fact that you've changed. The person I was in love with is not that same person. And, I'll tell you, it hurts like hell, especially knowing that I pushed you to change. But, it's pointless to make yourself miserable over someone who no longer cares.

I do still love you. Yes, even the new you. But, I am not in love with you, as I once was.

XO & best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin

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