Moments pass you by and you don't ever appreciate them until they're already gone. You never know what you have. You never know what you're going to miss. You don't understand what empty is until your heart feels that way. I may have been young, but I was in love once and I let it get the best of me.

If I could give any advice to that little girl who thought that she was going to marry her high school sweetheart then didn't, it would be this; "if you wanted it to happen, it would have". There's plenty of times that you're going to get your heart broken. It takes a lot out of you to understand why things happen, but actually, no one understands this. If things are meant to happen to you, if they are in your best interest, they will. It takes a slice of faith to accept this. There's plenty of times that this might seem like it's the end of the world, but it isn't. Not yet anyway.

Another tip is that you should never compare yourself to someone else. There's nothing worse than being stripped of your individuality by another person's situation. You are your own person. You write your own story. You create every chapter of it. You live your own ending. Never let anyone take that away from you. Whatever has happened to you is your own and it should be treated that way. Sometimes all of the advice in the world isn't enough to make your situation better. That's the beauty of it, it's your own situation and you get to make whatever you want out of it.

I may still be young, but I was in love once and then again and then again. I am one of those people who always put myself out there. I always put my heart on the line to be broken, and it has again and again. That could just be the beauty of it. I always wondered why the saddest people could write the most beautiful things. It's simply because they know how to take their own and make something of it.

If we were meant to live our lives without being broken, we would. If we were meant to always be happy, we would. If we were meant to be perfect, we would. The beauty behind it is to embrace all of these negative feelings and create something new out of them.

Being in love once, or twice, or as many times as you let yourself is a beautiful thing. You are letting someone into your heart and letting them do whatever damage they can, or fix whatever holes need to be filled. You let them in to discover your true self. You let them build. You let them break. You let them live. To love, however many times, is to live.