Why I Will Not Attend The Last Warped Tour

As all band lovers know..or hopefully know, the Vans Warped Tour is officially coming to an end after twenty-four years. This alternative rock based tour has become famous worldwide because of its ability to bring people together over their love for the same type of music. However, in recent years, destination festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza have gained much more popularity with the general public and have led to the Warped Tour's downfall. This may come to a shock to Warped Tour lovers and I know that people are rushing to get last minute tickets before the tour kicks off on June 21st in Pomona, CA, but for me there just seems to be something off.

The truth is I always wanted to experience Warped Tour, but this is not what I imagined the lineup would be, especially for the last year. While the Warped Tour managed to bring back some fan favorites for its last year such as All Time Low, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup and 3OH!3 it just isn't the lineup that many fans, including myself, wanted. Growing up I loved watching my favorite artists perform on Youtube live at the Warped Tour. Bands like Green Day, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, and so many more made Vans Warped Tour what it is known to be today and this last tour just seems so incomplete without them.

Therefore, it just doesn't seem authentic or worth my time to go to the last Warped Tour when it is mainly bands I'm not a fan of. While I was technically alive during the epic lineups fans still carry on about today, I was either too young at the time to go or just didn't have friends who liked this type of music. However, I'm now nineteen and frankly I wouldn't mind dancing around to "Welcome to the Black Parade" alone if it came down to it.

So maybe I missed my chance as an alternative loving teen to experience the real magic of the Warped Tour with the lineup of my dreams, but I still encourage anyone reading this article to check out the lineup themselves.. as everyone has different favorites.

See, the real reason I decided to write this article is not to belittle the talent of the actual artists playing this last tour but to hopefully raise some awareness about the artists who are missing from this lineup and who have and will hopefully continue to make a great impact in this scene.

With all this said, what I ultimately hope is that the twenty-fifth anniversary, that is to take place next year to honor the Warped Tour's legacy, will include some of these bands that made us all fall in love with the tour in the first place. Until then, I will choose to listen to "All The Small Things" on replay dreaming about the day all these great alternative bands might take the stage together again.

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