Oh men who've fallen, by means of threats unpunished,

Arise again with hearts un-scorned, and stand with spirits untarnished.

Behold the war comes o'er thee, the threats so long allowed,

Remember God has warned thee, they come and come unbound.

Oh men of Nations, built on grounds of gold

Prevent all evil that wills for it, all to turn to mold.

Oh men of States, turn not your face, with looks so full of shame,

'Tis only those that hate you that surely are to blame.

With hearts so filled, untarnished, with wills to fight and die,

We stand before the evil, that only seeks to lie.

"We come in peace!" they shouted, with swords and guns in hand,

Such evil seeks our treasures, that lay within the land.

"We will not kneel before you!" we answered in reply.

"It is for God above us, our flags we do now fly."

Enraged they then did charge us, with evil hearts they led,

We fought and sought our glory, and none had ever fled.

Honor and courage had led us, in sight of God above,

To gain his favor, and protect our souls, we shall win his love.

Many men had fell, to the swords and guns of hate,

But through our valor and spirit, they too shall meet their fate.

Our men that now lay wounded, or dead or put to scorn,

Will soon know God in heaven, for it is them that shall not burn.

In evil's face we struggled and many had gone down,

Though on God's face that shows to them, he surely will not frown.

Though many have now fallen, they have not died in vain,

For if they shed even a drop of blood, they earn the crown of eternal flame.

Now in the face of evil, our victory was won,

For it was our God's own victory, that will not come undone.

As for those that caused it, allowing evil to march,

They'll now surely answer, for their smart remarks.

We will now all remember, this our tenth crusade,

And yet we all now wonder, what future could they have made.

A hell on earth they preached, "morality is dead."

And by our swords we showed them, the day they all had dread.

And now within our victory they all are now no more,

And now we need not worry, for God had settled score.