A great number of articles have been written for Odyssey about the relationship between bigs and littles within sororities. I've noticed, however, that there is a surprising dearth of articles about bigs and littles within fraternities. The following are a few things I've never said to Ben, my little, but that I, not being shy by any definition of the world, would like to make public.

1. Sorry for hiding your inhaler. Repeatedly.

2. Sorry for giving you the nickname "Lil Nasty" and for trying to get it to stick.

3. I'm still mad that you wouldn't wear the shirt I had made for you to let the world know that WE ARE A FAMILY.

4. Sorry for telling your formal date that I would "cut the brake line of [her] car if [she] kept stealing our quality time."

5. Sorry for telling you that I would "cut the brake line of your car" if you took that last piece of pizza.

On several different occasions.

To die for. Literally.

6. I still resent the fact that I was the smartest person in our family until you came along.

7. At the same time, I'm glad I finally have someone in my Greek family with similar interests, specifically music.

8. But my taste in music is superior.

9. Thanks for always taking time out of your busy schedule for a cold beer (or a lukewarm bottle of wine).

10. Sorry for screaming "HEY BEN DOVER" every time I see you around campus.

11. The fact that, like me, you're a bitterly sarcastic cynic makes me happy that you're my little.

12. You're the only person I know who can give me a run for my money in terms of devastating insults and I respect you for it.

Ben, thanks for being a decent little and a great friend. My only wish for you is that your little makes you feel as subpar as I do and ignites the same fiercely competitive spirit within you that you did to me.