My mom always said that I asked for too much or wanted too many unnecessary things. Hopefully she’ll approve this list of things that I want:

  1. I want to be genuinely happy
  2. I want to be successful, or whatever that means
  3. I want to make people smile
  4. I want to see the world (who’s coming with me?)
  5. I want my hair to be thicker
  6. I want college to be like it is on TV
  7. I want ignorant people to be banned from social media
  8. I want people to be nicer
  9. I want to meet President Obama
  10. I want Spotify to be free for everyone
  11. I want to explore my own city more
  12. I want to be healthy without having to workout
  13. I want cute dogs to be everywhere I go
  14. I want girls everywhere to have equal opportunities
  15. I want sand from the beach to stay there and not get into my house
  16. I want to be able to sleep while doing other activities
  17. I want it that way (couldn’t forget this one)
  18. I want ice cream to be good for me
  19. I want to work for BuzzFeed
  20. I want cancer to be cured
  21. I want chipotle for lunch
  22. I want an Instagram theme
  23. I want to find a book I would actually enjoy reading
  24. I want my friendships to last
  25. I want to be able to walk around at night and not worry about my safety (or anyone else's for that matter)
  26. I want to be good at everything I attempt
  27. I want to be artistic (I’m going to need to impress my art school friends)
  28. I want sunburns to be nonexistent
  29. I want Derek Shepherd to come back to life
  30. I want to be a part of Taylor Swift’s squad
  31. I want the world to be simple and easy
  32. I want to be brave
  33. I want coffee to actually taste good
  34. I want Pinterest to be less addictive
  35. I want my dorm room to be cutest one on the hall
  36. I want to be able to walk outside and not sweat instantly
  37. I want Urban Outfitters to be my closet
  38. I want more tattoos
  39. I want more hours in a day
  40. I want my hair to look good all the time
  41. I want to be dedicated and devoted to my job(s)
  42. I want a good relationship with my family
  43. I want to graduate college in four years
  44. I want to be a part of history (#imwithher)
  45. I want laundry to do itself
  46. I want less fighting in the world
  47. I want to be more productive with my time
  48. I want to do something with my life
  49. I want to be a better friend
  50. I want too much but not enough

As you can see, I want a lot of things, but there are so many more that I should be striving for. I hope one day I will look back on this list and be able to say I accomplished some of these things. It is okay to want things but never forget that there are people in the world who need things. Always be the best version of yourself and help those around you. I want so much for this world.