If You Want To Marry Me...

... know that I want a St. Benard

... this St. Benard will be a inside dog

... I want a *minimum* of four kids

... I take my Catholic faith very seriously

... I don't believe in sex before marriage (foreplay included)

... I will not marry a non-Catholic, meaning you must become Catholic before the wedding

... I know how I deserve to be treated and I will not settle for less

... we are living in the country, no debate

... you will probably have to prove you love me, on more than one occasion too

... I will have a dangerous job

... I will love you with everything I am, but that doesn't mean I'll always like you

... I get insecure sometimes, making fun of me will only cause me to close up

... please know/learn how to cook, I cannot

... tell me I'm beautiful everyday, and on the days I don't believe it, stop me and look me in the eye and tell me again until I do believe it

... we will be praying with each other every night, as well as teaching our kids how to pray

... I don't believe in divorce and I refuse to get one

... I have an older brother who will gladly beat you up if you hurt me

... family is so incredibly important to me

... I have a lot of male friends, but they are never a threat to you

... I'll take my marriage vows very seriously!

... keep surprises coming! (Puppies are always acceptable, even if we have 56)

... you have to be against abortion, that's non-negotiable

... no secrets

... I like to travel a lot

... I probably (definitely do) talk too much

... one word : Applebee's

... I plan to adopt at least one kid

... I'm crazy and defensive about certain things

... I'll support you in everything you do, but our kids come first

... My best friend is a male, and this probably won't change

... I love anything with giraffes! ... and strawberries!

... Please tell me when you're doubtful, I want to help you

... I can be messy sometimes

... I change my mind... a lot

... I'm not a morning person

... Sometimes, I just need five minutes of your attention on me, play your video games or watch your sports, but please give me five minutes

... I want to raise Rhode Island Red chickens

... I really like roses

... paying attention to detail is a must!

... I can be passive aggressive and stubborn at times

... I'm occasionally... impulsive

... I'm not one for having a garden

... I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD

... It takes me a long time to trust someone new in my life

... There are times when it's too hard for me to get out of bed

... If I let you in it's because I trust you, but know part of me won't want to trust you

... I keep a lot of things to myself

... My anxiety always gets the best of me

... When making decisions, I'll ask a million questions, just to be the best informed... and I'll ask the same question over and over!

... my daddy's approval means everything to be, and after you propose, I will contact him and make sure you asked

... I can't stand movies more than two hours long (minus Star Wars)

... I already have half my wedding planned

... I'm going to drive you crazy most of the time sometimes

... I want a fall wedding, August ideally, or September

... be able to answer the question "Why do you love me?" at any given time

... as well as my dad's approval, you must have God's approval

... are you sure you want to marry me?

... are you absolutely sure..?

... you're dead set on marrying me..?

... then what are you waiting for, go propose!.. but first consult me about the type of ring I want!

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