Why I Want To Be A Journalist

Recently, I chose to major in journalism. It was quite a journey to get there, starting off as a music major before moving on to business. Finding a career path was not an easy task for me, mostly because I am interested in so many subjects. Finding my passion for journalism was not easy nor fast, but I am extremely glad I ended up here.

Many people think of print journalism as a dying enterprise, and maybe it is. No one in my generation reads a newspaper, and very few others keep up with local news at all. The focus in news has changed from local businesses and government to the Kardashians, Hollywood, and click-bait titles intended to waste your time. When people write an article, they want to “hook” you in, not necessarily convey anything that is important or informative.

This might seem like the demand for traditional journalists is gone. Who wants to read about boring news when you can read exciting Buzzfeed articles about what Starbucks drink you are? The answer is, more than you might think. Many people think of Millennials as disinterested in the real world, and absorbed by their cell phones and social media, but the truth is, my generation will be just as involved in current events as much as any other generation. Civic engagement is thriving, from the recent school walkouts in protest of gun violence in schools, to the women’s march.

The particular sector of journalism I’m interested in is called investigative journalism. It involves looking through documents and piecing together information to form a story that usually exposes corruption of some kind. A few years ago, a movie was made called Spotlight that told the story of a team of investigative journalists with the Boston Globe who exposed the child-abuse scandals within the Catholic Church. This story sparked more stories to appear all across the globe, and exposed crimes and cover-ups that went all the way up to the Vatican. They validated victims’ experiences and brought justice to all of the children who suffered. This is the kind of work I want to do.

My goal as a future journalist is simply to tell the truth. I want to use any talents I might have to make the world a better place in any way I can. No matter what happens in pop culture or the news industry, the world will always need someone to catch bad guys and stand up for other people. Corruption, crime and lies will always exist, and we will always need people to expose them to the world. Whether it’s for a newspaper or an app, these journalists will be in-demand, especially now.

We are living in an era of fake news, an era of scandals and alternative facts and certainly corruption. Now, more than ever, we need strong journalists who are not afraid to stand up to these issues and fight back with objectivity and truth. We need people who are committed to providing information to the public that will help them understand what is going on in the world, and involve them in fighting corrupt establishments. I am beyond excited to learn how to be a good journalist, because the world will always need them.

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