I Wanna Be Alll Byyy My-Selfffff

You know what more people should start doing? Doing things by themselves.

It's a popular thing in college, you know. People go to class by themselves (if they go at all), they eat lunch in the dining hall by themselves (or they put their backpack in the seat next to them to make it seem like they aren't), and they ride the bus around campus all by themselves.

But, for some reason, we start to get out of that habit whenever we leave college and grow older. We have more people to do things with and then eventually, it just becomes the norm to always have someone around you.

Don't get me wrong. It's great to have people with you; friends are the best. But, sometimes you just need a little time to yourself and that's hard to do if you're constantly surrounded by people.

I took a chance about a week ago and went to a Broadway musical all by myself. And it was an experience I would do all over again.

Now, at first, I wasn't supposed to be going to it by myself because that seems really intimidating, and I'm not really that brave. But, the friend that was supposed to come ended up having a prior engagement and since I refused to miss out an opportunity like going to the watch The Lion King, I just decided to go by myself.

And it was honestly everything I thought it would be and more. The show, the cast, the audience members that I was sitting next to. All of it was absolutely perfect. And the best part?

I got to decide everything. If I wanted to wait in line to buy these amazing sweat pants, it was my choice. If I wanted to stay in that theater for as long as I could and give them a standing ovation, I got to choose. And if I wanted to stay behind and try to sneak my way backstage to meet that cast, well that was my prerogative (didn't really happen, but I definitely considered it).

I'm not saying channel your college days, because I doubt that's good for anyone's liver or Tinder algorithm. But I definitely recommend becoming more comfortable again with being by yourself.

Go read a book, go see a movie by yourself, or just do something as simple as coloring.

Enjoy being by yourself because that's ultimately who you're stuck with all of the time.

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